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Celtics trade first overall pick to Philly

21 Juin 2017

If that ends up being the top pick or lower than five, the Sixers keep it and the Celtics will receive a 2019 first rounder.

"We are not pledging anything that mortgages our future", Colangelo said.

"I think he's super talented", said Bird, who played against Fultz in a Pac-12 game this season. They also, of course, will be trading their No. 3 overall pick in this year's National Basketball Association draft as well. Griffin has also maneuvered around some restrictions - the Cavaliers now are without a pick in this year's draft - to re-shape Cleveland's roster, which needs tweaking again after the Warriors exposed an aging bench in their third Finals matchup with the Cavs. He added that the Celtics would then sign Gordon Hayward in free agency.

"I think he's supertalented, superexplosive", Bird said. "I would venture to say we're going to be sold out this year playing to full capacity every night".

The deal is a win-win for both sides.

If Boston holds onto the pick, it would have seven first-rounders in the next three years. Celtics fans might not be too happy with the decision to trade the top pick, but Ainge has shown his willingness to take risks to benefit the team for the future as he has shown in the past.

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“We are certainly aware of our competition, ” Ainge said. We watched the same Finals that everybody did.

Croatian forward Saric was asked on Twitter about the young group melding into a championship team and replied, "It will be hard but I hope with young team we got big chance to be dominant". If Ainge is to be believed, even they don't know who they will take at No. 3 - but he insisted that whichever choice they make there would have been the choice they made at No. 1 if this deal hadn't gone down. Fultz is projected to go to the Sixers with the first pick and Ball is projected to go to the Lakers - the only team he has worked out for - as the second pick. Fultz is the guy the Sixers want and they were willing to make the trade with a divisional foe, which is taboo in most circles, to make it happen. It was agreed to in principle at that point, with the last holdup being the customary league approval on the terms - which came Monday.

Boston's additional compensation, the future first-rounder, necessitated more of an explanation.

"The odds are in your favor at No. 1 more so than in any other (draft) position", Colangelo said during a news conference Monday afternoon. “But were not afraid of that.”.

Fultz, who just turned 19 on May 29th, averaged 23.2 points, 5.7 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 1.6 steals, and 1.2 blocks per game as a freshman at Washington. They have a supremely talented young core, but will be relying on two players, Ben Simmons and presumably Markelle Fultz, who have yet to play a second in the National Basketball Association, plus another, Joel Embiid, with a long history of health issues. While this seems like a blockbuster move, which it is, I think it's just the first domino to fall in what is going to be an exciting offseason in the National Basketball Association. "We felt the value of adding the one pick now was the right thing at the expense of only losing one of four going forward".

Celtics trade first overall pick to Philly