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Uber CEO may step aside — SEXUAL HARASSMENT

20 Juin 2017

The allegations and investigations marked just one scandal among many at the $70 billion company. She claimed that she had written to HR but had received no response.

In a March conference call with reporters after that incident, board member Arianna Huffington expressed confidence that Kalanick would evolve into a better leader.

Uber later set up a hotline for complaints and hired the law firm of Perkins Coie to investigate.

Following this investigation, Holder was selected by the Uber board to formulate a detailed report regarding the culture at the workplace.

What exactly the board agreed to - and the fate of its CEO Travis Kalanick - remains a secret until the recommendations are shared with employees on Tuesday.

The investigation was conducted in wake of Fowler Rigetti's blog post. Of this hundred, 20 have been terminated while 57 are still under probing.

Michael, who is one of CEO Travis Kalanick's closest confidants, helps oversee broad strategy initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions and fundraising.

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Emil Michael, Uber's senior vice president for business and the company's second in command, is leaving Uber. Company representatives said nothing Monday about Kalanick taking a leave of absence.

The idea for the time-off had come from Kalanick himself, who proposed it following the accident that took his mother's life.

A number of stories regarding the Holder report have been continuously appearing over the past week. Last week, Eric Alexander, the company's president of Asia business, was sacked after it came out that he obtained medical records of a woman in India who was raped by her driver.

Details are awaited about other issues discussed at the meeting on Sunday.

With just seventeen days before ride sharing companies begin to make their trips across upstate NY, one of the big business ventures, Uber, is making changes - and possibly not for the better. In 2014 Michael reportedly suggested at a private dinner in NY that Uber should dig up dirt on journalists that criticize the company, which of course sparked outrage from journalists.

Following news of Sunday's meeting, Bloomberg reported that Wan Ling Martello, executive vice president at Nestle SA and director of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, will be appointed to the company's board.