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Ministers at OAS meeting fail to agree on Venezuela resolution

20 Juin 2017

More than 90 demonstrators have been killed in protests since April 1st, according to a tally being kept by all-news site RunRunes, and which jibes with figures from LAHT.

Mexico, the United States and other countries are pushing the OAS to adopt a resolution on Venezuela that defends representative democracy. Beijing has for decades provided tanks and other lethal and non-lethal armaments to Chavez and his successor Maduro in exchange for around 500,000 barrels a day of oil, Venezuela being by far its biggest client in the hemisphere in this and other aspects.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez stalked out of the meeting, and claimed that more OAS members were considering following Venezuela's example and withdrawing from the group, which has been putting pressure on her socialist government to hold timely elections, free political prisoners and scrap a bid to rewrite its constitution. "We don't recognise this meeting nor do we recognise that resolutions that come from it", she said.

Rodriguez said she was there to "defend" her country against USA -led efforts to intervene in Venezuela and strengthen the conservative opposition movement against the Venezuelan government.

Both Mexican and U.S. officials were negotiating with a bloc of countries from the Caribbean, many of which are grateful to Venezuela for soft oil loans.

Amid the clashes on Caracas' main highway, 17-year-old Fabian Urbina was killed as the result of a bullet wound to the chest, local authorities said without providing more details.

A small knot of protesters also gathered in the rain on a highway outside the Mexican resort complex where the OAS talks are being held, holding signs saying "No more deaths" and "no more hunger". "Our people are dying from lack of food, lack of medicine".

Atmosphère rentrée des classes à l'Assemblée pour les nouveaux députés
A gauche, le PS dispose désormais de 29 sièges, La France insoumise de 17, les divers gauche de 11, le PCF de 10 et le PRG de 3. Pour l'institut Ipsos, REM obtiendrait 355 sièges, loin devant les Républicains (125 sièges).

Fitzpatrick noted that Maduro plans to remove Venezuela's current freely elected national assembly and other remaining democratic institutions to replace them with "puppet institutions".

Dampening expectations of a breakthrough, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a decision to skip the gathering.

Venezuela has struggled with an imploding economy, rampaging inflation and chronic shortages of food and basic consumer goods, leading to widespread discontent with the Maduro government. The president has accused his political opponents of sabotaging the country through economic warfare and encouraging the protests.

A woman chocking on tear gas, is aided by a fellow anti-government demonstrator during clashes with security forces in Caracas, Venezuela, Monday, June 19, 2017.

Her husband German Ferrer, a lawmaker for the ruling socialist party, said the family in recent days has received menacing phone calls and is sometimes photographed by unknown onlookers when in public.

"We hope that we will be able to overcome some of those differences and approve express some concerns about the situation in Venezuela, which is deteriorating", Kevin Sullivan, US interim representative to the OAS said on a conference call.

"This doesn't intimidate her", Ferrer told The Associated Press from outside her office during the tumult.

Ministers at OAS meeting fail to agree on Venezuela resolution