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Gym Systems To Get Major Revamp, Battle Raids And New Items

20 Juin 2017

Since the incredibly-successful mobile game now contains the first two generations of Pokemon, we could see the likes of Lugia and Ho-Oh joining Mew, Mewtwo, and the legendary bird trio appearing in the new gym update.

There's no word on when the new Pokemon Go update goes live, but it's expected to be sometime this week.

While Raid Battles will require the presence of several nearby players to complete, it seems that Pokemon GO might not struggle to find the necessary user-base, judging by the recent ticket sales of the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest event. In addition, Pokemon stationed at a gym will battle in the order they were assigned, meaning that the toughest one will no longer always be last.

The other major addition coming to the game in the next few weeks is raid content where players can group up to fight enhanced CP Pokemon when it takes over a gym.

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The update on Pokemon GO is introducing a new health stat, "motivation". Pokemon can be kicked out of the gym when they lose motivation. "If it's very low-level then the motivation will take a long time to go down", Archit Bhargava, global marketing lead, said.

Gyms will also now award Badges, which trainers can level up for different rewards."You give treats to Pokémon, you do battles, and the badge will slowly level up", Nomura said.

Finally, gyms will also have spinners like PokeStops to get rewards. When a raid begins, a glowing egg will appear on top of a gym with a countdown above it. Special new rewards will be given for beating a raid boss. Niantic told TechCrunch they are considering an "invitational" raid, which is for "dedicated" trainers or high-level players in a region. These include Rare Candy that would help the player evolve any kind of Pokemon. In Gym battles, you can control the Pokemon to fill six permanent slots. There will also be Fast TM and Charged TMs that would teach Pokemon a new attack.

Gym Systems To Get Major Revamp, Battle Raids And New Items