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Principale » Grenfell Tower victims to get £5500 from emergency fund, Theresa May says

Grenfell Tower victims to get £5500 from emergency fund, Theresa May says

20 Juin 2017

London police say that the number of dead or missing in aftermath of last week's fire at a highrise apartment tower is now 79.

"They tell you'if you are not happy, go and rent'".

She added: "There are people in there, obviously, who have been subject to a very intense fire, and that will make some of the identification very hard, which is why it's even more important that we make sure we do this in a measured, careful and very well managed way". "That is what they used to say", he said.

Adele's visit was praised by fans who described her support as "fantastic".

"The story of two leaders", the Daily Mirror reported Saturday, publishing the two photos in one, while the Times pointed out that the Prime Minister had to surround himself with strong police protection during his trip. Her family do not wish her name to be released publicly at this stage.

Speaking after attending a church service near the tower block in west London on Sunday, Mr Khan said the local community was "frustrated" and "angry" in the wake of the blaze.

Australia suspends airstrikes in Syria after U.S. downed jet
Russia's decision came after the US confirmed it shot down a Syrian Su-22 fighter bomber Sunday. Defence is monitoring the situation closely.

Professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) told Xinhua in an interview that the disastrous fire and the response of the authorities had now become an issue in politics.

What grime artist Saskilla has called the "mass murder" of the inhabitants of this Kensington tower block can not be divorced from years of cuts to local authority budgets, fire brigade budgets, health budgets, and the Health and Safety Executive; years of rule by Tories whose aim, in the words of former prime minister David Cameron, was to "kill off health and safety culture for good" since taking basic precautions to save lives was such an unacceptable burden on business.

"But this year, it's hard not to feel the very dark national mood", she said, inviting the British to tap into their resources, in their history, to respond to the "succession of bad tragedies" Month: three bloody attacks and the burning of the Grenfell Tower in London.

However, the government had not acted on the recommendations of the report, with the minister responsible Gavin Barwell saying he was reviewing it.

Travers said that the government, already weakened by the June 8 election setback and the need to seek support from other parties in the British House of Commons, would suffer as a result of the fire. "And that will further weaken it", said Travers.

Theresa May announced the money will be extracted from the £5 million Government fund announced on Friday after the 24-storey block in north Kensington was ravaged by fire on Wednesday.