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Candidates in tight Georgia race make final bid for votes

20 Juin 2017

"KAREN HANDEL FOR CONGRESS", Trump said. The race between Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff is seen as a significant political test for the new Trump Administration.

Ossoff condemned the ad on the campaign trail.

Mrs. Pelosi is no stranger to being the focus of congressional races after 15 years leading House Democrats. In fact, four times more money has come from donors in California and NY than his supporters in Georgia.

Deal also says the Republican Party is "hungry" for more "qualified women" to carry the party's banner.

Desperate to salvage their decimated party after losing at every level last November, Democrats have put all their chips on the special election for Georgia's Sixth District.

Pressed by Wallace that he confirmed Trump's tweet, Sekulow did an about-face. Ossoff lives in Atlanta, south of the suburban district. He says he's willing to change the 2010 health care law as long as consumer protections and expanded coverage are maintained.

Secretary of State spokeswoman Candice Broce said some voters were told to use provisional ballots.

However, it was Trump's collapse - besting Hillary Clinton by just 1.5 points in the district in 2016 - that led Democrats to believe it could be in play. Ossoff called Rep. Steve Scalise's shooting a "national tragedy" that should not be politicized. It accuses the left of encouraging attacks on Republicans. Scalise was shot by a man who identified on social media as a liberal, and he offered angry critiques of Republicans and President Donald Trump.

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"The press really wants to make this nationalized", said Handel.

Handel's race for a congressional seat that represents wealthy suburbs of Atlanta has made history as the most expensive contest of its kind in history. A chunk of the $5 million Handel raised herself came in three fundraisers headlined by Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Trump weighed in on the election early on Tuesday morning.

Handel and McCarthy started the day at a breakfast restaurant, shaking hands and urging people to vote on Tuesday.

She remains one of the nation's most recognizable and polarizing political figures - an NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll released in February showed she is the least popular politician in the United States - and in particular in GOP-leaning districts like Georgia's 6th Congressional District.

Democrats see the race where $50 million has been spent - the most ever for a House race - as a referendum on Trump's policies and have unleashed an army of volunteers to get voters to the polls for Ossoff.

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