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Britain and EU launch Brexit talks in Brussels

20 Juin 2017

Almost a year to the day since Britons shocked themselves and their neighbors by voting on June 23 to cut loose from their main trading partner, and nearly three months since Prime Minister Theresa May locked them into a two-year countdown to Brexit in March 2019, almost nothing about the future is clear.

Carolyn Fairbairn, the director general of the Confederation of British Industry, warned: "The needs of the economy need to be at the top of (the government's) list".

Last night sources said that Conservatives ministers were confident they could get an "ambitious" deal as a result of the talks.

"He will also set out a bold vision for the UK's future after it leaves the European Union and the exciting opportunities that will arise from our exit", added the statement.

Amid reports that May is set to make a "generous offer" on the rights of European Union citizens remaining in Britain, the source said London had been warned against doing so this week, on the grounds that it could drag up the thorny issue before talks had really got going.

Brexit Secretary David Davis will call for "a deal like no other in history" as he heads into talks with the EU. Mr Case was Principle Private Secretary to the Prime Minister before talking up this role.

Mrs May has repeatedly insisted the Government is prepared to walk away from talks, claiming no deal is better than a bad deal.

But critics have accused her of issuing empty threats.

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The Chancellor Philip Hammond weighed into the debate on Sunday, as he said that the Government is sticking to its plans to leave both the single market and customs union.

The British parliament will hold a rare two-year legislative session to tackle the complexities of Britain's departure from the European Union, the government said Saturday. The EU official added that all the possible options regarding UK-EU relations post-Brexit were on the table, including the one of "no deal". She has lost the Conservatives' majority and relies on Ulster Unionist MPs to stay in office. "And fair means that we want to keep the British as close as possible to the European Union - but never at the price that we divide the remaining 27 European Union states".

"I would have liked to have highlighted our economic record, and I think if we had focused on that we probably would have done better in the election than we did", Hammond told the BBC, echoing earlier comments to Reuters.

The government's plan for the next parliament will be outlined in the Queen's speech Wednesday, and will include laws needed to deliver Brexit and new immigration legislation. "That is something that at the moment we can't answer".

"With the Brexit negotiations starting this week, there is still little clarity on the immigration system that the United Kingdom will adopt after Brexit".

"Theresa May asked the electorate to strengthen her hand, but instead they have cut the Tories down to size - voters gave a clear instruction that the Conservatives can not govern alone and must now reach out to others". Its negotiators may present Britain with an acceptable bill and say, "Since you are going, just go".

It was an election that she did not need to call and the seven-week lead-in to it was far too long from her point of view, as the longer the campaign went on, the more it played into the hands of her opponents, with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn confounding the critics - many of them within his own party - who had predicted that this election would dispatch him to political oblivion.