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Braidwood sends video statement to Hague family

20 Juin 2017

The boxer who knocked out Tim Hague, the former MMA fighter and elementary school teacher who died following a match in Edmonton, is speaking out.

"Nobody wanted this", an emotional Braidwood says at the end of a video clip posted to his Twitter account, BraidwoodBoxing, on Monday.

The knockout left him in critical condition. Hague remained in the ring for several minutes following the knockout but later went into a coma and sadly his family announced yesterday that he died as a result of his injuries.

Referee Len Koivisto stopped the bout after two more knockdowns in the second round.

Hague (1-3 as a boxer, 21-13 in MMA), a heavy underdog who accepted the fight on only two weeks notice, was knocked down three times, while another trip to the canvas was ruled a slip, in the first round against Braidwood, who had an 8-1 record.

"I just want everyone to try to help Tim's family", Braidwood said. "And you know, nobody wanted this".

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The 34-year-old who had competed in both mixed martial arts and boxing matches throughout his career suffered three straight losses across nine months in the ring, however, was never afraid to compete.

The City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission are investigating the fight, which the commission says is standard practice.

"He said he wanted to keep fighting so we kept fighting".

A heavyweight trained in jiu-jitsu, Hague put his teaching career on hold to make his pro MMA debut in 2006. Hague, in July 2016, shifted to boxing after his last MMA match.

He had been knocked out in his previous boxing match in December.

Braidwood sends video statement to Hague family