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Amazon The Inflation Killer Will Lower Grocery Prices With Whole Foods

20 Juin 2017

But a few other things might change eventually, as Amazon seeks to change its new spouse's reputation for pricey products.

"This store has become a money-making machine", said Tony Castro, a 40-year-old private chef, who shops daily in Whole Foods' sprawling downtown Los Angeles store.

To do this, Amazon has been developing different grocery store concepts, with unconfirmed media reports indicating the company wants to build a network of 2,000 grocery stores across the US.

Competing with Amazon is terrifying for any incumbent business because the company's executive team operates on a radical model whereby the company's overall net income is almost zero quarter after quarter.

Nonetheless, she said "many will do anything to either make this acquisition more costly" for Amazon or to "prevent the asset from landing in [Amazon's] lap". But he said he's looking for ways to modernize elements of the "show" his stores put on - such as the singing animatronics - to ensure that grocery shopping remains a family event.

However, this deal with Whole Foods marks Amazon laying down the gauntlet and proving just how serious it is about its grocery business.

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Technology is just one way Amazon stands to change Whole Foods and its culture, though. The filing contained a transcript of a town hall meeting for Whole Foods employees.

However, the FTSE 250 firm announced earlier this month that it had signed an agreement with "a regional European retailer" to help it access website software and other technology. Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener says the company has no plans to use such sensors to automate the cashier jobs at Whole Foods. Specifically, that means more of Amazon's own private-label grocery products in the grocery aisle, according to Bloomberg. Analysts say other grocery stores will probably lower their prices and improve their loyalty programs to keep up with the acquisition. This is not going to be a problem with Amazon as it can always replace people with fancy machines that will do the work for them, including delivery and charging customers. Several hundred grocery chains, convenience stores, dollars stores as well as mom and pop stores account for the rest.

Walmart is also expanding its online grocery business by offering curbside pickups for online orders and opening trial drive-up pickup kiosks.

When Consumerist asked Instacart how the news of Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods could affect the company's current relationship with the grocer, a spokesperson told Consumerist that Instacart has been "committed to helping grocers compete online" from the beginning.

"To hear that it's actually buying an existing retailer confirms its intentions in the area and that obviously leads to further competition in what is already a fiercely competitive market", said Laith Khalaf, an analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.