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Nicola Sturgeon open to 'progressive' pact with Labour to stop Tory government

19 Juin 2017

Scottish Labour General Election campaign manager James Kelly said: "This is yet another encouraging poll which shows that increasing numbers of Scots know the only way to defeat the SNP in the majority of seats in Scotland is to vote Labour on June 8".

She said: "One, he doesn't believe that the SNP are a progressive party, so you can't have a progressive alliance with a party, for example, that refuses to tax the rich and ask them to pay their fair share".

Nicola Sturgeon is flying by helicopter in a bid to visit half of Scotland's constituencies before polling day.

Following the broadcast, Scottish Conservative MSP for the North East Ross Thomson said: "Once again, we've seen the First Minister taken to task on her party's terrible record on education".

THE SNP can stop Theresa May winning a majority in Thursday's election according to Nicola Sturgeon.

She added: "We are about to go out to tender for an additional different route into teaching".

She said: "We fought an election to the Scottish Parliament past year".

"If they don't want to vote for it, they are going to have to go back and speak to their constituents and explain to them why it is we have a Tory government instead".

Her answer raises fears she is pursuing a "neverendum" strategy, demanding new independence votes until she gets the result she wants.

"Any Tory MPs elected in Scotland will simply rubberstamp whatever the Tory government does to young people, and Labour can't win this election in Scotland - meaning that voting Labour risks letting Tory MPs in by the back door".

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The ex-Labour leader has reunited with chancellor Alistair Darling, with both men penning letters to nearly 100,000 Scots in seats where the party believes it has a chance of ousting the SNP on June 8.

She said: 'The point of principle for me is the end of the process.

It has raised the prospect that the Labour leader could be handed the keys to No 10 by a coalition of smaller parties including the SNP and the Greens.

"The most likely outcome here is a Tory (Conservative) victory, but a Tory victory no longer certain of an increased majority", she said, discussing her reading of opinion polls.

"I don't envisage any form of coalition, but on an issue by issue basis to put forward progressive policies and see a progressive agenda", she told BBC Radio on Friday.

The SNP would be open to forming a "progressive alternative to the Tories" if the general election results in a hung parliament, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

An SNP spokesman said: "Willie Rennie might as well build sandcastles on the beach for all the credibility his message has".

He said: "The race is on to cancel the next independence referendum".

Scotland's First Minister was also quizzed over her falling personal approval rating, which are the lowest they have been.