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In Brexit boost, JLR to hire 5000 staff in Britain

19 Juin 2017

Jaguar Land Rover and Gorillaz are working together to recruit the next generation of world-class electronics and software engineering talent with a code-breaking challenge found in the virtual band's app.

UK's biggest automaker Jaguar Land Rover will employ 5,000 staff as it enhances its skills in autonomous and electric innovation, a welcome business endorsement as Prime Minister Theresa May begins Brexit talks after election.

Most of the jobs will be based in the United Kingdom, with recruitment taking place over the coming year.

Consisting of two parts, the first will concentrate on electric vehicles, assembling Jaguar Land Rover cars, while the second will be a code-cracking challenge that has more than 4,000 combinations.

Jaguar Land Rover has indicated half of all new models will be available in an electric version by the end of the decade, necessitating new skills among its staff.

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"Here we've found an engaging way to recruit a diverse talent pool in software systems, cyber systems, app development and graphics performance".

The best performers will be fast-tracked through the recruitment process, helping to meet Jaguar Land Rover's ambition to employ thousands of bright new talents over the next year. "It will be the first of its kind", Alex Heslop, JLR's head of electrical engineering, said. It's a major change in the way the business looks for candidates, aiming to tackle the engineering skills gap and inspire and attract a diverse range of talent and new thinking.

JLR's first revealed its all-electric auto, the Jaguar I-Pace, last year.

These are uncertain times for the United Kingdom auto industry as it demands tariff-free access to the European Union following Brexit, as negotiators meet in Brussels for talks for the first time on Monday.

There are fears of a potential loss of competitiveness, which would require compensation to maintain the industry's work in Britain.

In Brexit boost, JLR to hire 5000 staff in Britain