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Grenfell residents in 'passionate, angry' exchanges with PM at Downing Street

19 Juin 2017

"It's disgusting. She should maybe come down and help out", Dee Baxter told the Standard.

He also defended Theresa May, who has been criticised for her own personal response to the fire.

Confidence in May is at an all-time low after she failed to secure a majority in the general election and following the backlash she received for her response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, with now at least 58 people missing and presumed dead.

"Obviously one imagines there will be further expenses of various kinds, that of course we will meet", he said.

In the aftermath of the devastation which has reportedly left 30 people dead and many more missing and homeless, the Prime Minister visited the fire fighters and talked to them.

Huffington Post Politics editor Paul Waugh wrote this morning: "If Grenfell turns out to be a defining moment in our nation's modern history, the defining political image could well be that grainy, long-lens shot of a prime minister talking to emergency services but not to local people".

Understandably, there is considerable anger at the failure to heed repeated warnings over fire safety as well as the lack of coordination of the relief effort and the dearth of information about those who sadly lost their lives.

"What we would do is to put up a candidate to run against her, a stalking horse".

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"How many children died?"

Maitlis asked: "Do you accept you misread the public mood on this one, you misread the anger that people feel about this?"

In an interview, the Prime Minister was questioned over whether there was a need for the Government to accept some responsibility for what had happened.

Theresa May is under huge pressure over her response to the Grenfell Tower fire, with criticism from moderate Tory voices prompting her closest allies to spring to her defence.

But he said it was clear that action had been taken since Mrs May held her first meeting on Friday and her offer of support had gone some way to help reassure attendees that things were being done to help.

Earlier in the day, Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom had visited west London, where she was repeatedly challenged by angry residents, some who yelled: "Meet the victims!" What has changed since then?

"I mean, it's too late to be honest, right now".

"It has been said that she shed a tear when she heard the news and obviously - this is not excusing - I'm merely saying that there's some reason why she didn't go immediately. Because of people saving money, people are dying".