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Boris Johnson looks for happy Brexit resolution

19 Juin 2017

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will lead a call for "no safe space for terrorists" to recruit, plan attacks, or distribute radical material online, during his speech at a meeting of European Union foreign ministers Monday.

The latest developments relating to the Brexit negotiations kicking off in Brussels on Monday.

The negotiations kick off in Brussels on Monday with Britain under pressure for stalling the talks and entering the negotiations without a working parliamentary majority fully in place.

"The most important thing I think now is for us to look to the horizon, think about the future, and think about the new partnership, the deep and special partnership that we want to build with our friends".

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Les dirigeants marseillais vont devoir trouver une autre porte de sortie pour le jeune défenseur brésilien. Il serait même déjà à Lisbonne selon la presse locale.

The U.K. will also call for cooperation between member states to track European fighters from terror groups such as Daesh, particularly when they return from Iraq and Syria.

The occasion marks the start of Brexit negotiations after Prime Minister Theresa May activated Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty - the mechanism that officially notifies the European Union that a country wishes to leave the 27-member bloc - on March 29 and set a two-year negotiations period in motion.

"We all want to protect our people so we must say together that enough is enough".

Boris Johnson looks for happy Brexit resolution