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Aus announces online visitor visa facility for Indians

19 Juin 2017

Statistics show that at least two thirds of those people overstayed in the country for more than two years after legally entering Australia.

Overall, the number of people living illegally in Australia on expired visas has surged by 6 percent compared with five years ago.

Numbers reveal Malaysians as the worst offenders with 9,440 citizens of the southeast Asian nation here on expired visas as at June 30.

The laws will allow Dutton to set aside an AAT decision to grant citizenship to an individual if he believed the person was unfit to be an Australian; he now has the power to overturn AAT decisions on visas but not citizenships. More than 70 per cent are here on expired visitor visas, while student visas made up 15 per cent of the overstayers and working holiday visas about 3 per cent. About 5710 unlawful non-citizens are reportedly from the United States and 3680 people from the United Kingdom.

The list also included Indonesia, India, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand who had between 2200 and 2800 people overstaying in Australia.

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Shayne Neumann, Opposition Immigration spokesman, said it was "untenable" to have over 20,000 visa overstayers who have also become illegal workers.

An Immigration and Border Protection spokesman said they were to use "targeted field compliance" to track those who breach their welcome. He now has the power to overturn AAT decisions on visas. The deportation was blocked by the AAT.

Among those who have overstayed their visas is one man who managed to evade immigration officials for 40 years.

Meanwhile, the government has come under fire from former prime minister Tony Abbott and others, who've linked Australia's asylum program to terror attacks in the country.

Aus announces online visitor visa facility for Indians