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The Fed Raises Rates

18 Juin 2017

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari said he dissented against the central bank's decision to raise interest rates this week because of recent softening in inflation data.

Editor's Remarks: Alongside the rate hike, the Fed is expected to commence cutting its $4.2trn holding of various securities that it took on following the financial crisis.

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Fed chair Janet Yellen said signs of cooling inflation and wage growth in the USA economy were no cause for concern, but market-side experts doubted that the central bank would be able to proceed with more rate cuts this year in light of the downward trend. After acting with admirable dispatch and objective to end the Great Recession and spur a faster recovery for years, the Fed is in real danger of not completing the task it set itself ten years ago, and has instead backslid into caring more about keeping unemployment and inflation at levels that wealth owners and corporate managers are comfortable with, rather than at levels that benefit American workers. However, there has been mixed analysis of how well the U.S. economy is truly performing. But some were surprised by accompanying detail indicating the Fed meant to press ahead with further rate rises in 2017 and begin reducing its $4.5trn QE balance as early as this year.

"And even though the Fed admitted that inflation had "declined recently" it doesn't appear too concerned at this stage regarding that trend and still expects inflation to normalize near its 2% target in the medium term, although it is monitoring it "closely"..."

The Fed Raises Rates