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S.Korea finds apparent North Korean drone near border

18 Juin 2017

North Korea's latest missile test-that of suspected anti-ship missiles that landed in waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan- sends a very clear message to America: we're getting ready for war, if it gets to that point.

U.S. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Thursday the resumption of talks with North Korea on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is made more hard by Pyongyang's increasingly frequent missile tests.

Cruise missile tests do not contravene United Nations regulations, Korea Defence Network analyst Lee Il Woo told AFP, adding that they were "much slower than ballistic missiles and can be shot down by anti-aircraft guns".

North Korea's latest missile launch was a successful test of a new type of "ground-to-sea cruise rocket", Pyongyang's state media said Friday.

The US military "successfully intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile target" in a test conducted amid concerns over the North's weapons program, it said. Moon says sanctions and pressure alone have failed to resolve the growing threat from the North's advancing nuclear and missile programme.

The authorities said the South's military has beefed up surveillance and vigilance against "the possibility of additional provocations, maintaining full preparedness".

"First of all, the government has no intention to fundamentally change what it has promised under the Korea-US alliance", he added.

North Korea on Thursday fired multiple land-to-ship missiles off its east coast, South Korea's military has said.

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The improved range indicates the North is pursuing weapons capable of reaching US aircraft carriers that operate from deeper positions, he said.

A White House official has confirmed to VOA that President Donald Trump, the secretary of state and the secretary of defense discussed South Korea's suspension of deployment of a US anti-ballistic-missile defense system in South Korea.

THAAD has already become operational in South Korea, and can intercept ballistic missiles launched by the regime of Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Moon ordered an investigation into how the final components arrived in South Korea without the defense ministry informing him.

The North does not have an ICBM that can carry a nuclear warhead, as far as we know.

Shortly afterwards, on May 30, the U.S. conducted its first ever test of a Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) interceptor with a capacity to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), that Washington said was planned "years in advance". The improved range indicates North Korea is pursuing weapons capable of reaching USA aircraft carriers that operate from deeper positions, he said.

Pyongyang has recently launched different types of missiles, including a new intermediate-range ballistic missile and a surface-to-air missile.

"It will pose a considerable threat to US and South Korean navies", he said. "I would say we are addressing the threat that we know today", Syring said.

S.Korea finds apparent North Korean drone near border