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Roadside bomb kills Egyptian police officer in Cairo suburb

18 Juin 2017

A roadside bomb Sunday killed an Egyptian policeman and wounded four others on a highway on the southern outskirts of Cairo, the interior ministry said.

The bomb targeted a police vehicle that was carrying a group of police officers and conscripts on the Autostrad road near el-Maadi district, the statement said.

An improvised explosive device planted on the roadside went off shortly after midnight as a military vehicle passed by, killing one police officer and injuring four others, according to the statement.

A joint task force made up of several police units is questioning tenants of the flats overlooking the site of the attack to try to identify and arrest the culprits, the official said.

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The group also claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane over the Sinai in 2015, which killed all 224 people on board and devastated Egypt's tourism industry. The Sinai Peninsula has been under a state of emergency since October 2014, following a deadly terrorist attack that left 33 Egyptian soldiers dead.

The attacks, mainly targeting the police and the military, increased after the ouster of Islamist ex-president Mohamed Morsi in 2013 by the military following massive protests against his rule.

In past months, another militant group called Hasm has claimed responsibility for attacks in Cairo and the Nile Delta, a lot of them targeting policemen.

Roadside bomb kills Egyptian police officer in Cairo suburb