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GOP's Scalise Upgraded to Serious Condition After More Surgery

18 Juin 2017

The event raised more than than $1 million for local charities, double what it did the year before, spokeswoman Meredith Raimondi said. The doctor declined to discuss details of damage to Scalise's internal organs and said the medical team would make no effort to remove "possibly hundreds" of bullet fragments in the lawmaker's abdomen. Lawmakers, including many of those who were at the practice, praised the decision.

It drew a record attendance of 24,959 attendees.

"We need to play". In American politics, a whip is responsible for organizing rank-and-file members' support for party policies, canvassing individual members about their voting plans and supplying encouragement where necessary. The FBI continues to process evidence in an effort to assess the potential motivations of the shooter, the agency said in a statement on Friday. Bailey, Barth, and Williams have been treated and released.

The Democrats won Thursday's seven-inning game, 11-2.

Doctors also said Scalise needed at several transfusions.

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who was at Wednesday's practice and gave medical help after the shooting, said it would have "been awful" if the game had been canceled, and said Scalise would want it to go on.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains critical but improving after the Virginia baseball field ambush. He remains in critical condition.

Ticket sales picked up after Wednesday's shooting, eventually setting an attendance record, the organizers said, as attendees such as Alexander Hilten, 16, of Arlington, Virginia, made a decision to come to the game for the first time.

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"I think the security for members of Congress is embarrassingly inadequate".

And even as the fans rose as one to cheer Scalise's name and the Capitol Police, there was no mistaking the lusty cheers for their own side as the game progressed. There was also a moment of silence for the victims of Wednesday's shootings.

In his first at bat, Murphy, who has played in every congressional game since his election to Congress in 2007, calmly took four balls without a swing and walked.

"We've never been to a congressional baseball game before", attendee Larry Shindelnan told CBN News.

The gunman was believed to have harbored unfavorable views toward Republicans at large, including President Donald Trump.

The cable news network was immediately inundated with Twitter users enraged that the "news" network whitewashed history by removing the fact that the image depicted both the Democrat and the Republican teams kneeling in prayer. The team doesn't plan on removing them all soon: The Congressman has already undergone multiple surgeries in the last 36 hours. The Capitol Police Memorial Fund was added as a beneficiary after the shooting.

"I think anybody that ever played baseball, the dream was to play in a major league stadium", Richmond said a year ago. The stadium has 41,546 seats.

The game at Nationals Park, Washington DC, carried on a century-old bipartisan ritual, this one tinged with worry about Louisiana Republican Mr Scalise, 51, and the determination to answer the attack by coming together in sport.