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58 feared dead from fire in London tower block

18 Juin 2017

Angry residents heckled Prime Minister Theresa May and stormed the local authority headquarters on Friday (Saturday in Manila) as they demanded justice for the victims of a London tower block fire that left 30 people dead, with dozens more unaccounted for.

The meeting comes amid criticism levelled at the Prime Minister for not meeting those caught up in the fire in the immediate wake of the tragedy which killed at least 30 people, with the figure expected to rise.

The 58 victims who were believed to be missing after the disaster have been presumed dead, the London Police said.

Emergency workers on a raised platform point at a section of the fire-gutted Grenfell Tower in London, Friday, June 16, 2017, after a fire engulfed the 24-story building Wednesday morning.

Grenfell Tower, a 24-storey apartment block in North Kensington, West London, was set up in 1974.

So, the residents are saying that the final death toll could be much higher than what British authorities are giving.

In a report, BBC said the number could be around 70 people in total.

The Prime Minister, who has been criticised for not talking to the victims, has been to see the injured in hospital.

The meeting is unlikely to quell complaints that May has been slow to reach out to victims, despite her announcement of a $6.4m emergency fund to help the displaced families.

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"We are here today because you must look at that building with tears streaming down your face", one woman told the group as they neared the foot of the tower.

He also said that there was no evidence that the fire was started deliberately.

Hundreds have been left homeless by the blaze, putting more pressure on officials in a city already plagued by a chronic housing shortage.

The cause of the June 13th fire remains unclear, but safety experts point the finger at the building's new polyester-coated aluminum façade.

The tragedy has provoked a huge response from nearby communities.

Protesters gathered around Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall on Friday as anger boiled over in London after claims that earlier renovation work may have been responsible for the dramatic spread of the blaze.

There are questions about why the block was not fitted with sprinklers or a central smoke alarm, as well as whether the recent refurbishment - including the use of cladding that was blamed for worsening previous building fires in France, the United Arab Emirates and Australia - helped fuel the flames. Numerous displaced are living in churches and community centers.

"People need to know that we can't".

The local Grenfell Action Grouphad claimed, before and during a major 10-million-pound refurbishment of Grenfell Tower previous year, that the block constituted a fire risk and residents had warned that access to the site for emergency vehicles was "severely restricted".