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Ruddy: Mueller Appears 'Out to Get the President'

17 Juin 2017

But keep in mind that many Republicans - such as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Wis. - are now committed to the public line that Trump's excesses are merely rooted in his inexperience and background - in his lack of knowledge of protocol, his habit of wielding maximal control over an organization as a business leader, or his affection for the theatrics of disruption.

As attorney general, Sessions is unlikely to answer in detail questions about conversations he's had with Trump.

Trump's sycophants are doing their part to lay the groundwork for such a stunning move.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said via email, "Chris speaks for himself".

Rosenstein offered his assurances as USA news accounts quoted Republican allies of Trump suggesting that the president is considering firing Mueller, whose appointment last month drew widespread praise from both Republicans and opposition Democrats.

Rosenstein's testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee occurred just hours before Sessions was to testify in a public hearing before another Senate panel about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and his involvement in the firing of another Federal Bureau of Investigation chief, James Comey.

"I think it's pretty clear based on what one of his lawyers said on television recently". According to the Times, much of Trump's staff basically agrees, but they have tried to convince their boss that another rage-fueled intervention in the Russian Federation investigations "would turn a bad situation into a catastrophe".

Ruddy issued a terse response directed at Spicer, but also admitted he didn't speak to Trump personally about this.

"If there were not good cause, it wouldn't matter to me what anybody says".

Firing Comey and then Mueller would leave Trump with the reputation of a man who will keep dismissing anyone serious about conducting an honest investigation.

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"I think he's weighing that option", Mr.

Ignatius quoted Jack Goldsmith, a one-time justice department legal counsel to the George W. Bush administration, as saying that such a decision would be a "bad idea - for the nation, and for the president" and that he had a "hard time believing it is a live possibility".

The Department of Justice appointed Robert Mueller to take over the Russian Federation investigation in May after the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

And with Attorney General Jeff Sessions having recused himself from all Russia-related matters, that responsibility would fall on Rosenstein, who said he is "confident" Mueller "has full independence" to conduct the investigation.

Trump friend Ruddy, the CEO of Newsmax, went so far as to suggest the president was already thinking about "terminating" Mueller from his position as special counsel. Watching the president fire the special counsel investigating the Russian Federation scandal would test the GOP's tolerance, but it may be wishful thinking to believe Trump's Republican allies have a sense of limits.

During the House hearing, New York Representative Nita Lowey asked Rosenstein if he had discussed former FBI Director James Comey's termination with the White House, and if anyone directed him to write his recommendation of Comey's dismissal.

"If President fired Bob Mueller, Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller", Schiff said in a tweet.

"There's no debate that's going on here", Ryan said after a reporter asked about suggestions from Trump friends Ruddy and Newt Gingrich that Mueller could be axed.

"The chain of command for the special counsel is only directly to the attorney general - and in this case, the acting attorney general", he said.

"I think the best thing to do is to let Robert Mueller do his job".