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GOP, Dem governors call for changes in House health bill

17 Juin 2017

Trump discussed the health-care bill at a White House lunch he hosted for Republican senators in a bid to help the lawmakers find common ground to move forward with healthcare reform legislation this summer.

And yet, he tells reporters that even he's been kept in the dark about what kind of health care bill the upper chamber plans to vote on.

Neither we the people nor the Democrats in the Senate have seen what may very well devastate millions of Americans and our economy with the GOP's gift to insurance companies and billionaires in the form of tax breaks. Front and center for McConnell is the split between senators on Medicaid funding.

As it stands, the House-passed healthcare bill made major concessions to Obamacare. The elderly and disabled would have that amount grow 1 percentage point faster than children and the able-bodied. Tim Scott of SC said last week.

Some Republicans in the House argued that the bill amounts to a tax increase. Reuters, which said it talked to five people close to the situation who couldn't be identified, said moderate Republicans have proposed keeping some of the taxes, in order to prevent such an abrupt end to Medicaid, and the resulting loss of coverage for millions. "And there's a push to bring it below the House, so that's an issue", Heller told Roll Call.

The Congressional Budget Office laid out just how much more a 64-year-old would pay in 2026 under the Republican plan as compared to current law. Murkowski said it's unclear if that cut would remain in the Senate bill. That's critical to judge whether the rate at which Congress allows the per capita contribution for Medicaid to grow will leaving states holding the bag.

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The conference committee's report did not come to either house floor because Senate Republicans on the committee did not sign the report. Heller's vote is considered critical, as is Alaska Sen.

The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday night had voted 30-2 for legislation that would have raised the sales tax to 6.5 percent, cut income tax rates initially 5 percent and established tiered coal production tax rates.

"The president had a celebration when the bill passed". But to get Heller's vote on the rate of growth, bill drafters could easily lose other Republicans, and not just those considered most conservative in the caucus. Sen. He added: "They have to, or it won't make no sense at all".

Noah pointed out that here has been some obvious back and forth on the health care bill, sharing that Trump went from once calling it an "unbelievable victory" to most recently calling it "mean" and a "son of a bitch".

After all, when the Republicans introduced Trumpcare and CBO estimated it would leave almost 24 million Americans without insurance, the House GOP chose to withhold the voting and said they would amend it. "I think that was the right approach".

"You can not write major legislation with one party, it doesn't work", Kasich told MSNBC in a May interview "Obama tried it, Obamacare is, you know, under fire every day. It's thrown a lot of people off coverage they had, driven up costs".

GOP, Dem governors call for changes in House health bill