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Xbox One X: Microsoft's Gaming Comeback or Just Another PS4 Pro?

15 Juin 2017

This is the theme: what you can play on Xbox One X is playable elsewhere, but, short of a high-end PC, it will simply look best on the X. It will ship with 6 teraflops of graphical power, more than its main competitor, the PS4 Pro, with 4.2 teraflops.

Expect to see other devs to echo the same impressive results, especially with games that are built on DirectX 12.

It was possible that allowing gamers to play visually enhanced versions of Xbox One games on the most powerful version of the console would encourage them to make the jump to the beefier hardware, suggested Mr Jackson.

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"Backward compatibility eliminates a potential barrier to purchase, but it does not provide an incentive to purchase the Xbox One X over the Xbox One S", he said. A total of 12GB GDDR5 RAM with 326GB/sec bandwidth ensures optimum speeds, and the system also features a 1TB hybrid drive for faster loading. With the addition of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games (and now original Xbox games as announced at E3 2017), Microsoft has already made strides for unifying their brands. Only one game - Crimson Skies - has been confirmed when the program goes live later this year. "Anyone playing the game on Windows 10, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and virtual reality (VR) devices will be able to play online together". "Essentially, it is a more powerful Xbox One S", he told TechNewsWorld.

So I highly doubt people will try very hard to get their hands on a $499 console that offers better processing power and visuals over a $249 and even cheaper equivalent that has all the same features and games in nearly unrecognizably different quality. Also, both PS4 and Xbox One are effectively PCs, using familiar components and design architectures, so upgrading specifications is relatively easy, compared to updating unique, proprietary solutions such as PlayStation 3's Cell processor. It also allows for true 4K resolution gaming on console while PS4 Pro only upscales. Even then, it doesn't have many exclusives to offer.

"Even if the consumer isn't planning to buy or rent UHD Blu-ray discs", Inouye continued, "it does complete the picture of a true 4K media player-gaming machine, which speaks to the product's image". Post your comments down below.

Xbox One X: Microsoft's Gaming Comeback or Just Another PS4 Pro?