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Xbox One X: First impressions, price and release

15 Juin 2017

You can also get a 14-day free trial to see if it works for you and if you like any games enough to buy them, expect a discount on the listed price. Microsoft also believes the same and hence the Xbox Game was will be packaged with the new Xbox One X. It's visible from the Microsoft Store listing for the Xbox One X that it will be coming with a 1-month Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Any Xbox One Game now in the program can be purchased for 20 percent off and DLC for games in the program is 10 percent off, he said.

"We talk about "more is better" and that means always having something new to play", Xbox Game Pass senior product manager Dennis Ceccarelli said during an Xbox Daily interview at E3 (via NeoGAF).

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Ceccarelli then addressed the question of when games will leave the Games Pass service. Each month new games are introduced, while a few older ones are cycled out, maintaining a constantly fresh library.

There's certainly a lot to like about Friday the 13th: The Game, but it's fair to say that technical issues have soured many players on the experience. "While there's not one set amount of time that a game will be in the catalogue, and some titles will leave the catalogue eventually, I want to put some fears at rest because our first games won't be leaving the catalogue until late November", he confirmed. However, the reality is, games will leave and we will start to see the first games leave the Game Pass in November.

If you haven't heard much about this Xbox Game Pass service, it is a subscription like PlayStation Now and Netflix, however unlike both of those services, you can actually download games onto your console.