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The Minecraft 'Super Duper Graphics Pack' is Also Coming to Switch

15 Juin 2017

Many different titles have announced cross-play between Xbox, Switch, and PC in the last week, most notably Rocket League and Minecraft.

In the wake of multiple games supporting cross-platform play, Sony PlayStation is defending its decision in not participating in the new initiative.

Whenever cross-platform play has come up in the past, Microsoft has insisted that the ball was in Sony's court, and it appears that is true: Speaking with Eurogamer, PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan said Sony's reasoning for holding out was about money.

"We've wanted to integrate cross-platform for ages, essentially making a version of Minecraft that's consistent no matter what device you're choosing to play on", Tom Stone, the creative communications assistant of Mojang AB, wrote in a blog post.

He went on to highlight Minecraft and the importance of protecting that community, which includes many young players.

Interestingly, Sony does believe in the core concept of cross-platform play, particularly between PlayStation system and PC users.

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"It's certainly not a profound philosophical stance we have against this", said Ryan.

The idea of cross-play (being able to play a single game across all gaming platforms) is something that Microsoft has been a big supporter of in recent years. But, if I were a betting man, I would say not to get your hopes up of playing Cross-Platform with Xbox One and Switch owners. "We're always open to conversations with any developer or publisher who wants to talk about it".

PS4 players, now is the time to petition Sony for change.

Eurogamer: It doesn't seem to be a problem for Nintendo, perhaps the most mindful video game company of the protection of children.

Jim Ryan: I don't think anything is ever a done deal.

The Minecraft 'Super Duper Graphics Pack' is Also Coming to Switch