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Sony will only release clean edits with directors' approval

15 Juin 2017

Thanks", and Judd Apatow expressing a similar sentiment on his own profile, "This is absolute bullshit and @sony and @SonyPictures is gonna get hell for FUCKING with our movies.

Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow in 2016.

In the latest twist regarding Sony's decision to release sanitized versions of some of its movie titles, the studio has announced that no "clean" movie cuts will be released without the director's approval.

Sony has defended the program, which it plans to expand, by asserting that the clean versions are not being sold separately but only as extra features when viewers purchase the uncut theatrical versions of the films and that the use of the preexisting clean edits was discussed in advance with each director or their representatives.

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They added: "As creators of their films, directors often dedicate years of hard work to realise their full vision, and they rightfully have a vested interest in protecting that work".

Another unsurprising critic of Sony's "Clean Initiative" is Seth Rogen, who produced and starred in Sony's decidedly non-PG13 animated movie "Sausage Party". "But if any of them are unhappy or have reconsidered, we will discontinue it for their films". The president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment had this to say in a statement: "Our directors are of paramount importance to us and we want to respect those relationships to the utmost".

The list includes comedies such as Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy" and "50 First Dates", dramatic films like "Captain Phillips" and "Moneyball", and the 3 pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man movies. According to a report from the Hollywood Reporter, Adam McKay, who has two films on Sony's list, wasn't aware that they would be included. Apatow in particular was especially vocal about the plan, making it clear in an expletive laden Twitter statement that clean versions were not wanted or appreciated. With regards to the "Clean Version" project, he told THR, "I would think you are looking at a doubling of potential revenue streams". Well, now Sony is capitalizing on that delight by putting "clean versions" of some its films up for sale-and the Directors Guild of America (DGA) is is not happy about it.

Sony will only release clean edits with directors' approval