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Principale » Sony Held Back at E3 2017, Says President Shuhei Yoshida

Sony Held Back at E3 2017, Says President Shuhei Yoshida

15 Juin 2017

As to what will drive future sales of the PS4, Sony points specifically to some key games including Gundam Versus, Dragon Quest XI, Gran Turismo Sport, and the new Everybody's Golf title.

Sony introduced the PlayStation 4 in November 2013 as its iteration for the next generation console but previous year it introduced two new versions of the console, namely the PS4 Slim which is a refreshed version and the PS4 Pro which is significantly more powerful.

More information about the title will be revealed in the months to come. Though this is a standalone expansion to Uncharted 4, it's the first Uncharted game that won't feature Nathan Drake. Insomniac seems to be nailing everything down so far, and I can't wait to whip around NY as the webslinger sometime next year.

The E3 is an annual three day conference which is nearly a premiere event where big brands showcase whats new for their company in terms of video games and related products.

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L'argent provient en priorité des Etats-Unis (117 milliards de dollars), puis d'Europe (115 milliards) et des pays du Golfe (100 milliards).

Monetary concerns are preventing Sony from allowing cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and other consoles. In fact, if the trailer is indicative of the final product, we'd go so far as to say that this may be a contender for best looking game on the market. The game is now slated to arrive on PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.

E3 2017 was an interesting experience where got to see quite a few games. Oh well, we're waiting.

During Nintendo's E3 Spotlight it was announced that vehicle football game Rocket League is coming to Nintendo Switch, again, with cross-platform play so PC, Xbox One and Switch owners can all play together. He also stated that the PS4 software tie ratio (number of games per console) is 8 games per system sold which is up from Sony's last sales announcement. The game is set to release on 29 December 2017. We now know that this game is going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive and that it's going to be released next year.