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Parade for Warriors on Thursday. Will NBA champs visit White House?

15 Juin 2017

You're going to need it.

When it came time to reflect on the series, Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue pointed to the final 2:13 of Game 3 as the difference. "They're going to be around for a while".

The Warriors, powered by 39 points from Kevin Durant and 34 from Stephen Curry, beat defending champions Cleveland 129-120 Monday to win the best-of-seven NBA Finals four games to one, avenging their loss to the Cavaliers in last year's final. "I'm proud of you".

"They started to go with the pick-and-roll with Steph Curry and Durant, which might be one of the most unstoppable pick-and-rolls in our league", Lue said. Replays showed that Durant did hit James on the head, which should have been his third personal foul.

Meanwhile, Durant was named 2017 NBA Finals MVP for averaging 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists through five games. Golden State won a record 15 straight games of the 2017 playoffs and blasted a number of other postseason marks along the way. Miami will have around $37 million in spending money once Chris Bosh comes off the books. He had a "Big 3" in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh during his time in South Beach, and played with a similar triple threat together with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love with the current Cavaliers.

The Warriors might be that far ahead of the field already.

"They're assembled as good as you can assemble", James said, "and I played against some really, really good teams that was assembled perfectly, and they're right up there".

It all added up to Golden State's second championship in three years.

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Technically, the Warriors have some work to do in order to remain the Warriors.

Police issued more than 40 citations and towed at least 30 cars that were driving recklessly on city streets following the Golden State Warriors championship win.

There also are some other matters of business around the league to clear up this season. Some of those decisions could affect what happens on draft night, when Markelle Fultz will likely go to the Celtics with the No. 1 overall pick. "Proving haters wrong, that's cool for me to talk about on Instagram or Twitter".

She fueled the fire even more when she seemingly yelled "Brick" while Durant was at the free throw line, which resulted in a major showdown between the two for the rest of the game.

Rosters, though, will definitely change.

For all that chatter about chemistry on a super-team - some called them "supervillains" - how there might not be enough shots for all the big-time scorers, the Warriors kept winning as the world watched the every move of the East Bay franchise under the microscope. The Cavaliers won't be the same either. Earlier in the season, Curry, responding to Under Armour CEO Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank calling President Donald Trump an "asset" to the United States, jokingly said that he agreed - if you remove "the ET from asset".

But the Warriors look like they're on the brink of something dynastic.

"I think the proof is obviously in what we were able to accomplish from that point on in the regular season, being 16-1 in the playoffs, everybody being the best version of themselves and putting all the puzzle pieces together".