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Israeli protesters call for end to 50-year occupation of Palestine

15 Juin 2017

In the same year, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 242, which legitimised the territories occupied by Israel before 1967 as Israeli while defining the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem as "Occupied Palestinian Territories".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded that the Palestinians, who view prisoners as national heroes, stop paying stipends to them and their families, and US lawmakers have warned that Palestinian funding could be cut off unless Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas halts the practice.

The idea of pursuing peace now with willing Gulf States appeals to the right-wing Israeli government and many of its supporters in the policy community, for two reasons.

The Golan and east Jerusalem were subsequently annexed but the moves were never recognised by the global community.

Israel's swift surprise victory in the 1967 conflict with its Arab neighbours not only secured the young Jewish state's survival: it cemented the country's position as a regional power.

Fifty years later the West Bank remains occupied and the Gaza Strip is under a tight Israeli blockade.

Netanyahu told Israeli settlers yesterday he would keep building across the West Bank, while Israeli authorities also advanced plans for some 1,500 settlement homes in the Palestinian territory.

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Palestinian girls stand in front the Dome of the Rock as they attend the first Friday prayers of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan at Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque compound on June 2, 2017.

"The establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem is the real guarantee for security and stability in the region", it said.

The rights group also reported that Tel Aviv tightened restrictions on the movement of people and goods to and from the Gaza Strip, saying the measures "far exceed any conceivable requirement of Israeli security".

The anniversary of the Six Day War has highlighted the divisions within Israeli society, where many on the right will celebrate the existing political reality that a peace agreement with the Palestinians seems now unrealistic, while others are calling for a renewed push to find a negotiated settlement.

"On 14 May 1948, the State of Israel was born".

During the mid-1970s, Palestinians, progressive Israelis and the global community proposed the "two-state solution", the creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. "No one was talking about two-state solution", Oren told CBC News. "Everyone talks about a two-state solution".