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Here's the full version of the Super Mario Odyssey trailer theme

15 Juin 2017

One of tbe newest features in the game is Marios hat, Cappy, who is now a sentient character.

Nintendo's briefing may have been short but it featured something that numerous other briefings didn't: Brand-new games.

Nintendo revealed the game back in January, complete with a trailer of Mario moving through a 3D sandbox-style set of worlds with different art styles. According to the announcement, this will be a "core Pokemon RPG", so if you enjoyed the Pokemon titles on handheld consoles like the 3DS, this is pretty great news! The company tasted its first success with the smash-hit video game Pokemon GO and it now plans to unleash a Pokemon role-playing game for the Switch as revealed in Nintendo's recent webcast during its E3 event in Los Angeles.

It's a big announcement, for sure, especially since many people (myself among them) bought the Switch exclusively for Zelda and Mario.

Super Mario Odyssey will release on October 27 on the Nintendo Switch console.

No Nintendo presentation is complete without talking about Pokemon.

Nintendo is cool enough to have Super Mario Odyssey as a playable game on the showroom floor.

Trump affects Virginia primaries, but not as expected
In the Republican primary, Gillespie beat Stewart 44 percent to 42 percent with Frank Wagner earning 14 percent of the vote. Polls closed in Virginia Tuesday evening and election officials began counting ballots for both parties' candidates.

The biggest surprise was Rocket League - the multi-award winning auto football game that has a cult following - will arrive on the Switch this year.

The Switch's launch title masterpiece is getting two DLC drops as part of the $20 Expansion Pass. The Master Trials hits at the end of the month, while the story-based The Champion's Ballad releases this holiday season. Now we know when the next adventure will begin.

Kirby One of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, Kirby, has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch.

GOAL! Cars, explosions, and fun, coming to the Switch!

Rocket League on the Switch will also have a local Wi-Fi option, similar to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, for facing off against people in the same room.

After all Nintendo is making a new Metroid game.