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Apple WWDC 2017: Here are the enterprise management updates for iOS 11

15 Juin 2017

If you've seen the warning (shown below) in relation to an app you use, then that app is a 32-bit app and Apple is getting ready to withdraw support as soon as iOS 11 is released, which is likely to be September. Check out our WWDC 2017 summary for an overview of Apple's new software and devices. We recently reported about thirteen new features of the iOS 11 that weren't announced during WWDC 11.

One of the most exciting features that the new iOS 11 will have is augmented reality.

The company's also running an iOS 11 beta ahead of the update's official release. Videos will now being HEVC format instead of H.264, while photos will be HEIF instead of JPEGs.

These changes help transition the iPad Pro from simply the iPad's bigger, stronger brother into a MacBook cousin - one that is lighter, has excellent battery life, and an interface that with each iteration becomes more and more recognizable to macOS fans. With the update, Siri will now learn more about the users habits, giving it a deeper understanding of the user. This allows your iOS device to reply to your messages and it will mute your phone all together if the iOS device senses movement consistent with driving.

The personal voice-assistant Siri's voice is now more natural and expressive. There's even a dedicated spot for their recent files. Navigation will also come with speed limits and lane guidance. Users who are just riding will have the ability to disable the feature when they are not driving.

With iOS 11, users will get an AirPlay 2 update for the HomeKit that will finally allow the to set up a multiroom speaker system in iOS.

Note gets driver out of parking ticket
With that in mind, Hellrood heeded the responsible citizen's request and issued a warning as opposed to a formal ticket . It's important to note, that leaving a note like this doesn't mean you'll get off with just a warning.

Don't worry, though. Your phone will keep any data you have associated with the deleted app, which will display as a gray icon after it has been removed. It may be a new feature to you, but the jailbreak community has been enjoying it for years using tweaks such as CChide, Onizuka, FlipControlCenter and Polus.

The US technology firm has just unveiled its latest iOS 11 operating system which brings a swathe of improvements to its most popular devices. But it also makes launching split-screen easier. This all works within the Messages app, and uses TouchID for authentication.

The other YouTube video below is from Cody Brown and it's titled "Apple ARKit + Unity + Overwatch Widowmaker Test Recording". You no longer need to be stuck to the same Control Center that Apple served you. The app provides access to files on other iOS devices, in iCloud Drive and on other services like Dropbox. Last year, Apple rolled out some ads to lay claim to the idea that the iPad is the ultimate PC replacement.

A new customisable Dock on iPad allows users to pin frequently used apps and documents. "If the user wants to know more about each account, you can just click on any of the items to get a detailed view".

Plus, the Apple Pencil on iOS 11 supports inline drawing in the Mail and Notes apps.