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Alleged Congressional Baseball Game Shooter Was Trump Critic, Sanders Fan

15 Juin 2017

Around 7 a.m. ET at least five people, including Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., were injured when a shooter opened fire at a baseball field in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood.

Authorities have identified the shooter as James T. Hodgkinson of IL.

On Facebook, Hodgkinson was a member of a group called "Terminate the Republican Party", a fact that seemed to take on chilling new meaning in light of an account from South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan. Though ultimately unsuccessful in winning the nomination, which wen to Hillary Clinton, Sanders has continued to be a prominent figure among progressive Democrats.

In a statement from the Senate floor, Senator Sanders said he was informed that Hodgkinson is "someone who apparently volunteered on my presidential campaign". Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill.

Shortly after the shooting, Bernie Sanders, the former candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said on the Senate floor that the shooter apparently was a volunteer for his campaign previous year.

"Let me be as clear as I can be", Sanders said.

Other quotes from Hodgkinson's Facebook page include: "Trump is a traitor".

While Trump delivered balanced and statesmanlike remarks on today's left-wing assassination attempt, he's been notably silent about his preferred candidate in last month's congressional special election in Montana beating up a reporter for the Guardian who quite appropriately asked him about his shifty position on Trump's attempt to dismantle Obamacare.

The director of Sanders' Iowa campaign says campaign staff could not recall the gunman, whose name was James T. Hodgkinson.

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Police on the scene are calling the shooting a "deliberate attack". But CNN's Dana Bash reported that the shooting was deliberate and not a random act.

President Donald Trump's son, Don Trump Jr., took his outrage to Twitter as well and blamed so-called NY elites who have glorified the assassination of the president.

He added, "We can disagree on how to govern". But he said no one can recall him.

Thomas and Buckels may not agree politically, but the democrat and republican are united in condemning the attack.

He was referring to a New York City production of "Julius Caesar" that portrays the assassinated title character looking like Trump in a business suit.

The man who opened fire at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia had a number of run-ins with the law prior to Wednesday's incident.

And naturally, they posture in this way on a day when a right-wing radio host says a fervent "Amen!" as his fundamentalist Christian guest says she wants to see that "treasonous huckster" Governor Jerry Brown "hanging from a rope in the town square". Social media and campaigns have pitted people against each other, painting them with broad brushes that result in pictures that are caricatures barely resembling real life.

Others were less direct in tying Hodgkinson's apparent politics to this incident but did suggest that that the partisan political atmosphere clearly had something to do with the shooting. "That was the type of conversation we had", Euille said. "What we just saw here is one of the bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly". "He knew who we were".

But a man with a gun shooting at members of Congress will always be political.