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Winners and losers from the United Kingdom election

14 Juin 2017

Media commentators and analysts tell us that this result was a big surprise with the "unelectable" Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party surging thanks to high turnout among younger voters.

The change was unlikely to significantly quell unrest within the party. Corbyn, however, insisted that there must always be an alternative and, in a contest against a plainly uncomfortable prime minister, this was enough to make it a memorable night for Labour. "It's just how long she's going to remain on death row", Osborne told the BBC.

What does "hung Parliament" mean?

She can only realistically govern now with the support of a party from Northern Ireland, which has a rather different approach to Brexit than her.

Mrs Foster delivered the blunt message to the republican party as she rejected its claim the anticipated DUP/Conservative deal at Westminster would undermine the political process in Northern Ireland.

Planned to start on June 19, Brexit talks risk being delayed causing additional uncertainties as the window of time available to strike a deal before a March 2019 deadline is narrowing.

"My phone is full of texts from lots and lots of people from right across the party", he said.

The EU and United Kingdom have to forge a deal by March 2019.

Her party is deeply divided over what it wants from Brexit.

They want to talk about a divorce settlement first: about the rights of European Union citizens in Britain, and of Britons in Europe; about the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which remains a member of the bloc; and about the most contentious issue in any divorce: the money. The pound lost more than 3 cents against the dollar.

May appeared isolated after her two closest aides resigned, paying the price for a disastrous electoral performance that cost the prime minister her majority.

The election shock is "yet another own goal" that will make "already complex negotiations even more complicated", said the European Parliament's top Brexit official, Guy Verhofstadt.

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"The German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the Prime Minister earlier today to offer her congratulations".

"The Tory civil war on the European Union which has ripped it apart since the Maastricht rebellions of the early 1990s, and which the referendum was supposed to solve, is now raging again", said Chris Grey, an academic who specialises in Brexit at Royal Holloway in London.

Brexit negotiations are supposed to begin in less than two weeks.

In a campaign in which the eventual (for the time being) victor talked endlessly of "stability", the British political scene remains anything but stable.

Labour's brief administration produced little in the way of domestic policy, and when leader Ramsay MacDonald called another election in October 1924, demanding a mandate to form a real socialist government, his party was roundly defeated in a Conservative landslide.

From the start, an election called by May when polls gave her a commanding lead did not go to plan. The party elects its own leader internally, and that person becomes the Prime Minister, who in turn choses their Cabinet to head all major government agencies, including a Defense Minister, Home Secretary, Foreign Minister, etc. Assuming a combination of other parties do not cobble together at least 322 seats - despite winning seven seats, Northern Ireland's Sinn Fein will not send MPs to London - the Conservatives will dominate a coalition government and have considerable sway over policy.

The Times newspaper's front page declared that Britain was "effectively leaderless" and the country "all but ungovernable".

Although the possibility of the ruling Conservatives seeking to keep some British access to the European Union's single market has increased, so too has the likelihood of a chaotic departure from the bloc, executives said, meaning they have to plan for the worst.

Steven Fielding, a professor of politics at the University of Nottingham, said Britain had seen an election "in which the personal authority of a party leader has disappeared in an unprecedented way".

A year ago in June, Brexit passed 51 percent to 48 percent, but on Thursday's elections, constituencies that voted 50 percent or less for Brexit had the largest swings to multicultural Labour.

It is perhaps worth noting that the Scottish Nationalist Party, which seemed emboldened by the hypocrisy of May holding a snap election while denying them a second crack at an independence referendum, did not translate that nationalist rage into votes, and indeed lost seats.