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Trump considering 'terminating' Russian Federation probe leader

14 Juin 2017

"These are people who are going to be after Trump", Gingrich said, adding that Mueller "apparently couldn't find a single pro-Trump attorney to hire, and I just think that's a rigged game, and I think that it's a mistake to pretend this is going to be some neutral investigation".

ROSENSTEIN: Yes, senator, and I appreciate that question. He added that "if there were good cause, I would consider it. And when asked I said that to the president".

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says he will "defend the integrity" of the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the USA elections.

Under questioning from Sen. "And I'm not going to speculate on what he will or will not do", Sekulow said.

If questions arise about what matters Sessions should stay away from, he said, a career official in Rosenstein's office is consulted. Then, crucially, he says that according to the special counsel regulations, Mueller "may be fired only for good cause", and that he is "required to put that cause in writing".

Collins' question wasn't the only time the Mueller investigation came up during Rosenstein's hearing on Capitol Hill.

Gingrich said on Twitter that 'Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. After responding that he had not, Rosenstein reassured Shaheen of his confidence in the process.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter offered a similar message, tweeting, "Now that we know TRUMP IS NOT UNDER INVESTIGATION, Sessions should take it back & fire Mueller".

"The chain of command for the special counsel is only directly to the attorney general - and in this case, the acting attorney general", he said.

Shaheen then asked Rosenstein whether he had given Mueller full independence from the Justice Department to conduct the investigation.

Rosenstein, who has been on the job for six weeks, said only he could fire Mueller, and only if he found good cause to do so.

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After speaking with President Donald Trump about the ongoing Russian Federation investigation, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said special prosecutor Robert Mueller can't be trusted and Congress "should now intervene and ... abolish the independent counsel".

Trump defied conventional wisdom last month when he fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey after allegedly entreating Comey to back away from the FBI's Russian Federation probe.

He told ABC's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday that Mueller "did not hire a single Republican in the first wave" of staffing for his investigation.

On CNN to anchor Chris Cuomo: "I think it is a consideration the president has had, because Mueller is illegitimate as special counsel".

Sessions was scheduled to testify later on Tuesday before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Leahy told Rosenstein "you are not the witness who should be behind this table".

A top US Justice Department official on Tuesday denied rumoured plans to sack Robert Mueller, the special counsel running the probe into Russia's election meddling, amid reports President Donald Trump wants him fired.

In response, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence committee said Tuesday that Congress would not sit still if Trump made a decision to fire the special counsel.

The top Justice Department official overseeing the investigation into Russian Federation also assured senators that Mueller has been granted complete independence to do his work.

Rosenstein repeatedly conveyed his support for Mueller's role at a Senate hearing, held the morning after a close friend of President Donald Trump was quoted in a television interview as saying he was considering dismissing Mueller.

Trump considering 'terminating' Russian Federation probe leader