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The Day After Corbyn's Surprise Surge, NPR Would Rather Talk About Buckethead

14 Juin 2017

With searches for the Democratic Unionist Party increasing since it became clear that they may hold the balance of power following the election result.

If confirmed the result will be a disaster for May, who called a snap election in the hope of increasing her majority and strengthening Britain's hand in exit talks with the European Union. Current projections give the DUP 10 seats in the House of Commons and the Conservatives 319, enough to form a working majority. So hats off to YouGov for getting that right - the irony is that on the night before the election their eve of poll prediction was that May would win by 7% with an increased majority. But in Britain, as in America, it is being filtered through the existing two-party system - though the U.K.'s smaller parties do complicate the electoral map. This can produce odd results.

That threat and the rejuvenation of Jeremy Corbyn's opposition Labour Party will intensify pressure on the next government to do more to preserve access to Britain's biggest market than May was willing to. Expect British politics to provide more reasons for shock and amusement in the next two years. May herself is now trying to form a minority government. While 326 is an absolute majority, governing parties normally aim to pass the 322 mark because the seven Sinn Fein MPs do not take their seats. In a minority government, the ruling party can pursue its own agenda but has to reach compromises on each piece of legislation and is under constant threat of no-confidence motions in Parliament that could unseat it. So it wasn't an abysmal failure in terms of number of votes and number of seats.

Her opponents also took issue with her refusal to take part in a televised debate with other party leaders.

The Conservatives "have lost their majority and the prime minister has lost all authority and credibility", said Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The facing a hung Parliament and May has resisted calls to resign, after her Tories lost 12 seats and the rival Labour Party picked up 29.

The DUP, whose 10 seats would allow the government to get measures through Parliament, is a socially conservative pro-British Protestant group that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and includes both environmentalists and climate-change deniers among its senior ranks. May has already been to Buckingham Palace to get the Queen's approval for this arrangement. It projected 34 for the Scottish National Party and 14 for the Liberal Democrats. Moreover, securing parliamentary approval for government Brexit policies can be a daunting task, as the Conservatives have a Brexit extremist wing, as well as a pro-European "soft Brexit" faction.

Microsoft's Xbox One X arriving soon
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The Conservatives failed to win the constituency of Darlington in northern England, a key target.

With May's mandate shattered, the departure is less likely to be a "hard" Brexit in which Britain leaves the single market and European Union citizens will no longer be able to move freely between European Union member states and the UK.

The value of the British pound tumbled 1.6%, to $1.27, immediately after the exit poll results came out.

What happens next with Brexit?

Instead, the result has sown confusion and division in British ranks, just days before negotiations are due to start on June 19. "He's the only politician who speaks for my generation", she said.

That throws into doubt the complex talks on Britain's departure from the European Union that are due to begin in just 10 days.

Google trends seems to have had the youth vote nailed, while Facebook staked its claim as the most important campaign platform - but while the so called "silver vote" will be hard to reach or represent in this increasingly digital world, there is no doubt that we are being offered a glimpse of the future.