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Mozilla Releases the "Best Firefox Ever"

14 Juin 2017

Mozilla is calling Firefox 54 as the best Firefox ever.

Mozilla has released Firefox 54, bringing multi-process support to all users.

Geeks that they are, they nicknamed this feature "Electrolysis", or E10s for short.

If multi-content process is enabled, opening Task Manager in Windows should reveal multiple processes for Firefox (the UI process is listed under Apps, the content processes can be found under Background Processes).

As Mozillan Ryan Pollock explains, "Firefox now creates up to 4 separate processes for web page content".

August previous year, Firefox 48 moved the UI handling into a separate process of its own, but that isn't enough. Later, Mozilla added a limited number of compatible Firefox add-ons as separate processes in Firefox 49 along with the spreading E10S rollout. This means that complex webpages in one tab have a much lower impact on responsiveness and speed in other tabs, and Firefox finally makes better use of your computer's hardware.

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How Firefox compares with Chrome in the use of memory across multiple tabs. But with the default setting, Mozilla is already claiming to be more responsive and more stable while using up less memory than the competition. It'll say "1/1 (Enabled by default)" under the Multiprocess Windows line item.

With the release of Firefox 48, Mozilla enabled multi-process support for 1 percent of users, slowly ramping up to almost half of the Firefox Release channel.

According to Nguyen, the open source web browser runs easily on machines having a scarcity of memory and the goal is to achieve a "just right" balance between speed and memory usage.

In his blog post, Nguyen also highlighted Project Quantum, he said that people would see some "big jumps in capability and performance" of the web browser across different platforms by the end of this year.

Aside from the speed improvements, you might also notice the simplified download button and download status panel. On Firefox for Android, improvements have been made regarding browser sync performance and playback of audio/video content in the web browser along with the addition of Bulgarian and Kabyle languages.

Mozilla today launched Firefox 54 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Mozilla Releases the