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KFC to send chicken sandwich to edge of space on balloon

14 Juin 2017

KFC's signature Zinger sandwich will be sent for a four-day trip into the stratosphere, at about 7 to 30 miles off the ground.

The fast-food chain is sending one of its spicy chicken sandwiches to the edge of the atmosphere via a stratospheric balloon. Though World View CEO Jane Poynter did find it quite amusing at first. Count down to Zinger lift-off on June 21 on the campaign's dedicated site. With this application of the Stratollite, together the two brands are showing that rockets are no longer the only way to get payloads to and from space. The company believes this has considerable potential, with Stratollites serving as wifi hubs in remote areas, or helping monitor crisis situations from a previously inaccessible vantage point. Future flights could be used for disaster preparedness and response from predicting weather events days in advance, to monitoring ongoing or quickly arising weather and disaster events (for example, forest fire detection) ultimately assisting first responders with rapid communications and surveying capabilities. That said, it was soon after realized that sending the sandwich into space would be a great chance for World View "to publicly demonstrate our breakthrough Stratollite technology to a large audience while simultaneously financing a significant portion of the vehicle's development".

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The technology allows the Stratollite to use the stratospheric winds to steer it to and from desired locations and stay above them for months at a time. The company in April revealed Rob Lowe to be the latest iteration of Col. Sanders, and he vowed to put a Zinger into space. Created by KFC, the chicken experts with more than 70 years of experience, the Zinger is made with a double hand-breaded, 100 percent chicken breast filet and served with lettuce and Colonel's mayonnaise on a toasted sesame seed bun.

KFC to send chicken sandwich to edge of space on balloon