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Introducing Box Drive, the Easiest Way to Work in the Cloud

14 Juin 2017

Box also says its new app lets users "stream your cloud files directly to your desktop" and "easily share and collaborate on files" using Drive.

The online storage giant has today revealed the launch of Box Drive, a new platform targeting enterprises that are looking for an easy way to embrace cloud computing for all employees. Users are freed from the constraints of their local hard drives because they have instant access to all their files in the cloud and real-time collaboration is even more simple and intuitive. With Box Drive, you'll have "unlimited access to all of your data directly from your desktop". Because Box Drive makes it easier to adopt the cloud without changing the way people work, enterprises can join the 78% of Box customers who have already begun to retire expensive legacy infrastructure like network file shares that can require millions of dollars annually in hardware, software and maintenance costs. Working with files in Box Drive is just like working with files in a network share, offering the same ease and simplicity without all the high costs and hang-ups.

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Box first previewed the feature during its BoxWorks conference a year ago but didn't provide much in the way of details.

Box differentiates itself through a focus on governance and compliance features, and through developing expertise in different industries like finance and health care to better meet the needs of customers, according to Constellation Research principal analyst Alan Lepofsky. This is a "very powerful proposition for most corporate IT environments". It will be another way to access Box documents across iOS devices.

Introducing Box Drive, the Easiest Way to Work in the Cloud