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Historic shipwreck discovered off Southern California coast

14 Juin 2017

Officials said Tuesday while announcing its discovery that strong currents and an abundance of sediment would make moving the ship too hard. The San Francisco-based USCGC McCulloch sank on June 13, 1917, in Southern California after colliding with a civilian.

A hundred years ago in a blinding fog, a U.S. Coast Guard ship was sailing off the coast of Southern California when it smashed into a passenger steamship. They also paid tribute to its crews, including two members who died in the line of duty, but not in the crash.

A military ship that sank off the coast of Southern California 100 years ago won't be removed from the sea in the near future, according to officials.

Researchers focused on the area of the shipwreck 3 miles (5 kilometers) northwest of Point Conception, California, after noticing a flurry of fish.

The shipwreck of a historic U.S. Coast Guard cutter with ties to the Bay Area that sank at sea 100 years ago Tuesday has been located off the coast of Southern California, Coast Guard and National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration officials announced.

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The ship's remains, which include a 15-inch torpedo tube molded into the bow steam and the top of a propeller blade, are covered with white anemones 300 feet below the water's surface, officials said.

After the war, the McCulloch was sent to Hong Kong to deliver news of the American victory, before eventually returning to its homeport of San Francisco, where it cruised the Pacific Coast from Mexico to Alaska. A 6-pound gun is still mounted in a platform at the starboard bow. They also played important roles in the development of the Western U.S.

In this undated underwater image provided by NOAA, a fish swims past a circular skylight collapsed inside the officer's quarters in the stern of the shipwreck USCG Cutter McCulloch.

This undated image provided by NOAA shows the USCG Cutter McCulloch that was launched in 1896.

Historic shipwreck discovered off Southern California coast