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Family says US college student released by NKorea is in coma

14 Juin 2017

On Tuesady morning, Tillerson reported to Trump that Warmbier is on the way home, and the last instruction Trump gave was: "Take care of Otto", the paper quoted a senior administration official as saying. Sadly, he is in a coma and we have been told he has been in that condition since March of 2016.

Rodman, in an interview with CNN before landing in North Korea, said he was "trying to accomplish something we both need", referring to himself and the Trump administration. A person who answered the phone at Warmbier's family's OH residence said: "No comment, thank you" and hung up. He was detained at Pyongyang's airport ahead of a flight to China.

Otto Warmbier is an economics graduate from the University of Virginia, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Otto Warmbier, the American college student who has been detained in North Korea for 17 months, has been released by Pyongyang.

Immediately after that visit, North Korea contacted the request a meeting with a State Department official. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labor for subversion as he tearfully confessed that he had tried to steal a propaganda banner. It was his last public appearance.

Rodman had previously said he did not plan to raise the fate of the Americans while he was in North Korea, but as he landed said he was there to further "mutual" interests he and the President shared. North Korea released blurry surveillance footage that showed a blurry figure - allegedly Warmbier - taking a propaganda banner from an off-limits area of his hotel.

Warmbier's release was facilitated by State Department Special Representative for North Korea Policy Joseph Yun. They were told that he's been in a coma ever since.

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Whenever Rodman visits North Korea, he's usually greeted with a red carpet and lots of publicity.

Is Warmbier's release cause and effect? But efforts to persuade North Korea to release the men now held had not been successful until Warmbier's release Tuesday. The third is a businessman named Kim Dong Chul. AP attributed this information to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

At the time, the United States didn't have many options to help Warmbier. "We're working on it".

There are three other Americans being detained in North Korea.

"My goal is to go over there and try to see if I can keep bringing sports to North Korea", the athlete told reporters at the airport. Experts say each launch gets the country closer to its stated goal of developing a nuclear-armed weapon capable of reaching the United States. Rodman has arrived in North Korea on his first visit since President Donald Trump took office.

The U.S. condemned the sentence at the time, accusing North Korea of attempting to use Warmbier as a political pawn amid heightened tensions between Washington and Pyongyang.