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[Exclusive] What Does Wonder Woman Think of Black Lives Matter?

14 Juin 2017

Producer Zack Snyder allegedly announced that Wonder Woman would be getting a sequel while attending the film's premiere last month, but Warner Bros. hasn't confirmed those details. That positive word of mouth will surely have a bearing on the movie's box office performance, too, and it seems Wonder Woman is off to a commendable start overseas, with Deadline revealing that the movie collected $6.3 million from Wednesday screenings.

Except for the climactic fight between Wonder Woman and the supervillain of the piece, which felt like something that had to be tacked on to end the film because this is, after all, a big budget superhero movie and superhero movies must end with, or at least attempt something that approaches, a mighty spectacle. Wonder Woman is powerful in a multitude of ways, some beyond the physical, which makes her a unique pop culture figure.

Lupita Nyong'o can't get enough of Wonder Woman! These arguably take away from the pacing of some of the action, but when they're used more sparingly, it does make for some pretty spectacular moments. Despite the resources provided by the Comics Patty Jenkins, the director of the film, had a clear vision of the character.

Pine's character is charming, courageous and capable, and perhaps nearly as groundbreaking as Gadot's, as he serves as one of the first mortal male love interests in a superhero movie.He never questions Diana's abilities because she is a woman or undercuts her agency.

"I feel very proud that finally this movie is being made because all of the guys, all men, all boys, always had a figure to look up to". It's mostly unnecessary and tries to take the movie to a place it really doesn't need to go.

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Faute d'avoir accroché la montée avec le RC Lens , son club formateur, Benjamin Bourigeaud était en quête d'un nouveau défi. Comme annoncé par La Voix du Nord ce mercredi matin, le Calaisien est actuellement à Rennes pour finaliser son transfert.

In this interview, Gadot stresses that Wonder Woman, or Diana, is an idealistic but relatable character. Pine brings a worldly sense of humor and timing to the film that balances out Wonder Woman's hard charging naiveté.

"Wonder Woman" proves that Diana Prince, that wonder of a woman, is exactly the kind of superhero we need now, one we have been thirsting for. Jenkins capably handles the expected battle scenes, but where she really excels is in the sequences that show the evolution of Diana's character.

Two Miss Worlds from India - Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra - have transitioned successfully from Bollywood to Hollywood; the latter stars on "Quantico" and played the villain in the recent "Baywatch" movie.

Fish-out-of-water yuks ensue, along with feminist satire (also better enabled by the earlier setting), but as written by comics scribe and screenwriter Allan Heinberg, "Wonder Woman" finds weight in mythic resonance and a consideration of the darkness and light of human nature. Convinced there is a greater evil behind the war, Diana insists the Amazons escort Steve back to the front and join the allies; but her mother, Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, refuses.

[Exclusive] What Does Wonder Woman Think of Black Lives Matter?