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Wonder Woman lassos fans with box office hit

13 Juin 2017

By now you've probably heard: Wonder Woman is an awesome piece of cinema. "I love it! She's very emotional and she's very strong".

Perhaps a female lead is what makes this film less dark than the average DC Comics movie. Patty Jenkins was already reflecting on where she'll send our hero in future adventures when she spoke with them in April, saying, "The story will take place in the United States, which I think is right", she said.

And while we may have been fangirling over this fantastically awesome character, there was one other moment in the film that made me grin just as much.

Playing Wonder Woman catapulted her into stardom. With the young actress already making great strides in her career (playing a young Wonder Woman is a pretty big deal), we expect to see a lot more of Aspell gracing our screens in the future.

"Gal is such a wonderful person and was very helpful. It's a lovely story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love". Despite the fact that Monster won the Academy Award for Best Picture, along with a stack of other honors, it has been almost 15 years before Jenkins was given the reins to her next big project, which just so happens to be Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman, and the rest of the women in the film, break those molds- they are gods, they are queens and they are warriors.

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And the new "Wonder Woman" movie, which is directed by Patty Jenkins, gets the essence of who the title character is and delivers an entertaining movie that gives us the background on her character.

But the question is, will Patty Jenkins return for the sequel?

The advice she got from Gal Gadot was a bit more practical. "So we added her seeing the horses being whipped".

"Regarding the director's work ethic and passion, Wonder Woman's cinematographer Matt Jensen recently said that "[Patty] is just so energetic and enthusiastic, and often is working out scenes by herself".