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What Bill Cosby's Accusers Have to Endure on the Stand

13 Juin 2017

Out of fear of betraying someone she and all of America admired, Constand waited a year to report the assault. My reaction was I was very, very upset and angry.

The six-foot tall former athlete remained largely silent on Wednesday morning, answering the defence's questions but not expanding on her version of events.

Constand's testimony is expected to continue when the trial resumes in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday.

" 'I don't know what that means, ' Constand said".

Constand denied Agrusa's implication that she was calling around, "trying to get the dates right". I'm not one to let a situation go. The presiding Norristown, Pennsylvania, judge has a zero-tolerance policy involving the use of electronics in the courtroom, according to TMZ. Cosby even said he gave her an orgasm, Gianna Constand told the jury.

The famed attorney, who represents a small army of Cosby accusers, including one who testified as a "prior bad acts" witness Monday, got bounced from the comedian's proceeding after her cell phone started ringing. After Constand's testimony on Tuesday, Cosby shouted his famous Fat Albert catchphrase "Hey, hey, hey" to bystanders.

"I don't really remember how dim the lights were, but I did have to eat my dinner", Constand said. Cosby, who has said he does not plan to testify, repeatedly lowered and shook his head as she spoke. Recording telephone calls are legal in the Canadian province of Ontario if one party is aware of the recording.

He offered to pay for the younger Constand's therapy. Jurors listened to the phone recording while Jonathan Perrone, computer operations supervisor in the district attorney's office, displayed a transcript of the recorded conversation on a giant projection screen.

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"So you knew on that first night that you were alone in his home, sitting by a fire and drinking brandy, that Mr. Cosby was interested in you in a romantic way", Agrusa said. Though her cross-examination was scattered and slow, and, all things considered, probably easier than it might have been, Constand has nonetheless been a remarkable example of what it takes to stand up to the essential difficulty of this dynamic, in which an alleged victim, after being forced to participate in a sexual encounter, is implicated by the fact that the sexual encounter occurred.

Cosby, who turns 80 in July, showed no emotion as Gianna Constand testified.

Constand has told jurors how her professional relationship with the Temple University trustee evolved into a friendship. The defense resumed its cross-examination of Andrea Constand one day after she broke her long public silence about Cosby by testifying that the comedian gave her three blue pills and then violated her with his fingers in 2004 as she lay paralyzed, unable to tell him to stop. Throughout the conversation, she claimed he referred to her as "mom".

On Wednesday, Constand provided details on prior one-on-one encounters with Cosby, which Agrusa questioned why Constand had not disclosed to Canadian police - including a fireside dinner in Cosby's home in which he reached to unbutton her trousers, and also a moment on Cosby's hotel bed at a casino where Constand claimed Cosby had fallen asleep while they were both sitting on the bed.

Constand says that she turned down Cosby's sexual advances but was drugged with pills described as "herbal supplements" the night of her assault.

Cosby is charged with three, second-degree felony counts of aggravated indecent assault, which carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

While problematic, McMonagle's opening statements show that Cosby's case is an opportunity to challenge the myths and narratives about sexual assault that are used to protect perpetrators.

What Bill Cosby's Accusers Have to Endure on the Stand