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Trump Says He Looks Forward to Working With Theresa May

13 Juin 2017

09 de junio de 2017, 15:44London, Jun 9 (Prensa Latina) The British Labor Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, considered today unbelievable the results of hiss party in the general elections held on Thursday, where they managed to add 29 new deputies to the parliament. During his three decades on Labour's leftist fringe, Corbyn consistently opposed European integration and denounced the EU as a corporate, capitalist body.

While her Conservatives will likely remain the largest party - and may even have a majority to govern - they are losing seats.

British Prime Minister Theresa May won the country's snap election, but she lost her parliamentary majority.

"That was not the result that we secured".

"We need a government that can act", said Oettinger.

But Tory voters thought their party would do a better job of negotiating Brexit and believed Theresa May would be the best Prime Minister.

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But that was in Cleveland . "Our mindset has to be winning games and not smiling back and forth or talking and playing", Lue said. That's the hardest challenge, when you have that type of emotions, to channel it. "Like I said, I think because of experience".

The vote returned a small increase in women MPs from 191 in the last election in 2015 after which Britain ranked 46th in an index of parliaments based on the number of female lawmakers, behind many European countries and others such as Rwanda, Cuba and Belarus. "I don't think the Conservative government is stable, I don't think the Prime Minister is stable". But with the 2017 General Election resulting in a hung parliament, a number of artists from the United Kingdom have taken to their respective social media accounts to share their views. Finding support in parliament inconsistent, she made a decision to do a little surprise election of her own.

"What the country needs now more than ever is certainty", she said.

The political U-turn, created to shore up an increased majority ahead of impending Brexit negotiations, spectacularly backfired on the Prime Minister and her party, who lost 13 seats against their 2015 results. One can nearly hear the death knell ringing in Edinburgh as stalwarts of the Scottish independence movement, including the former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, lost their seats to unionist candidates. However, and according to national polls, the opposition Labour party, headed by Jeremy Corbyn, which was down by 18 points at the time, was behind by a little under eight points in the latest national polls.

May has said she favors a "hard" Brexit.

May has chose to carry on regardless, relying on the help of the DUP to form a government.

Trump Says He Looks Forward to Working With Theresa May