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Several Cavaliers 'Highly Agitated' By Stephen Curry's Game 3 Squat

13 Juin 2017

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were every bit of the one-two punch that they weren't during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, stuffing a reporter's question when inquiring about Curry's squatting after a technical foul was erroneously assessed at the scorers table. "They tried to give it to them but they wouldn't take it!"

By the way, we spoke with Wanda earlier this week and she told us watching KD play now is just like when she watched him play as a kid. same emotions.

Despite being on the losing side, LeBron James scored 41-points in defeat, and was the game's top-scorer.

Those 72-win Bulls of the 1995-96 season lost three whole games on their way to a fourth title.

Prior to the first game of the NBA Finals series, Curry showed off his latest signature sneaker - a product that will likely be Under Armour's most important release this year and one that could have a prolonged impact on the company's brand and performance.

The Warriors would become the first team to make an unbeaten playoff run to the crown by winning Game 4 Friday (Saturday, Manila time) in Cleveland.

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Get on Durant all you want about swapping allegiances from Oklahoma City to Golden State, he saw a chance to win a ring or two and he took it.

Golden State outscored Cleveland 38-23 in the period on Monday night.

When pressed on the intent of the celebration Curry added, "No Randy Moss". Over the 12-month period ending March 31, Durant's signature shoe sales were the fourth-best performers among active National Basketball Association players, while LeBron James and his teammate Kyrie Irving came in first and second, respectively.

So was Curry really doing what everyone thinks he was doing? This year, they picked up Kevin Durant, who some believe is the second best player in the league.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr has also knocked off his media commitments.

"We had an opportunity, last game, we cut it to four, and then they made a couple plays here, I think", he said. Andre Iguodala led the Warriors bench with 20 points. Everybody is gravitating to how he's playing, shorter guys who can dominate the game the way he has the last couple of years.

Several Cavaliers 'Highly Agitated' By Stephen Curry's Game 3 Squat