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May seeks to rally party lawmakers behind her leadership

13 Juin 2017

Asked if there will be another general election this year, Mr Corbyn said: "I think it's quite possible there'll be an election later this year or early next year, and that might be a good thing because we can not go on with a period of great instability".

That timeline now looks even more ambitious than before, not least because May's electoral debacle has emboldened those within her own party who object to her "hard Brexit" approach of leaving the European single market and customs union.

That point about the Queen's Speech is particularly poignant. Other Conservative MPs are said to be taking soundings about removing Mrs May in the autumn.

Pressed if he was being clear that the United Kingdom will leave the EU, Mr Corbyn said: "Absolutely".

The Northern Ireland Secretary appears to have ruled out an independent mediator to chair talks to restore powersharing amid criticism his impartiality has been compromised by the anticipated Democratic Unionist/Conservative parliamentary deal.

Scottish Conservatives sharply increased their representation in the Westminster parliament last week, in contrast to the party's losses in England, strengthening the influence of their leader Ruth Davidson within the party.

The DUP has helped block the legalization of same-sex marriage and the lifting of a ban on abortion in Northern Ireland.

Talks between the DUP and Irish nationalists Sinn Fein on forming a power-sharing government are due to restart in Belfast later on Monday.

Mr Corbyn believes that without an outright majority Mrs May's position is vulnerable and he intends to oppose the Queen's Speech in an attempt to bring down her administration.

The Conservatives won 318 out of 650 seats - throwing away a 17-seat majority.

The European Commission said it is prepared for the negotiations to start as soon as the United Kingdom is ready but refused to give a date. "This doesn't depend entirely on us".

Le spectacle d'illumination du pont Jacques-Cartiuer sera repris le 25 juin
Le spectacle d'illumination du pont Jacques-Cartier, à Montréal, sera repris le 25 juin prochain à 22 h 30. C'est ce qu'a annoncé ce matin le maire de Montréal, Denis Coderre.

After failing to secure a majority in the parliament in Thursday's snap general election, British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced plans to form a government with the backing of the Democratic Unionist party.

The first test of any deal is expected to come at the Queen's Speech - a formal occasion at which the government asks parliament to approve its legislative agenda. He said a new election might be necessary later this year or early in 2018.

May's official spokesman told a media a briefing that the new leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, will soon be releasing a statement on the date.

"This is still on", he said, adding he would vote down the government's programme when it comes before parliament this month. I mean, this is Theresa May's difficulty, that there is this solid core of lawmakers in her party who are very much hard Brexit-ers, and they've been fighting this battle for many years.

Negotiations on Britain's exit from the European Union are due to start next Monday.

Brexit minister David Davis, an obvious contender for the leadership given the upcoming Brexit talks, has declared his support for Ms May despite newspaper reports he had been urged by supporters to challenge Ms May for the party leadership.

He suggested the Government would focus on the divorce proceedings before moving on to trade.

"The talks are ongoing with the DUP, good progress is being made", the spokesman said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May's two chiefs of staff have resigned in the wake of the Conservative Party's disastrous election result. The main opposition Labour Party took 262.

She warned that a outcome of failing to re-establish a power-sharing executive would be the return of direct rule, with decisions on devolved issues being taken by the London government.