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Late-Night Calls & 'Romantic' Rendezvous: Andrea Constand Cross-Examined

13 Juin 2017

"Ma'am, I never got ahold of my phone records", Constand maintained. Prosecutors hope her testimony will show that Cosby had a pattern of assaulting women after befriending them. Cosby leaned in to listen, whispered to his lawyer and shook his head.

WHAT'S NEXT: Defense lawyers will continue their cross-examination of Constand on Wednesday.

Ms Constand first met Mr Cosby in late 2002 after being hired as the director of basketball operations for Temple University's women's basketball program.

The main accuser in Bill Cosby's trial gave emotional testimony in court Tuesday, delivering her first public remarks about the night he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her 13 years ago.

"I began slurring my words".

"I'm not here for that", she recalled telling him.

Constand said that, after she took the pills, Cosby led her to the couch and she lost consciousness.

After a series of phone calls, Constand, who was then in her 30s, said the married Cosby began inviting her to dinner at his house and other events. "But I was frozen, and those messages didn't get there and I was very limited".

Constand acknowledged today that she had initially told police that the alleged sexual assault took place in March of 2014 and not two months earlier, as she testified Tuesday.

Johnson said Cosby pressured her to take a large white pill that knocked her out.

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On Tuesday, Constand described to the Norristown, Pa., court how the famed funnyman fed her three blue pills to help her "relax" at his suburban Philadelphia mansion.

"So you knew - you were alone at his home - that Mr. Cosby was interested in you romantically?" Constand's lawyer has disputed that since Constand was dating a woman at the time.

Victoria Valentino, who remained silent about Cosby's alleged assault for years, flew from her home in Los Angeles to Philadelphia to watch the trial.

Agrusa grilled Constand on phone calls she made to a half-dozen lawyers, starting on the same day she reported the incident to police, in an effort to show Constand was after Cosby's money.

Almost 60 other women have made historical allegations against the actor, but Ms Constand's case is the only one that has made it to trial.

Constand perhaps muted the expected attack by acknowledging some initial confusion over just when the encounter occurred. Constand said the mood was friendly and the room light enough to eat.

Ms Constand's case is the only one in which Cosby has been charged. Tearfully, she said she felt humiliated and confused after she drove away from Cosby's estate the next morning.

Frazier was accompanied by her husband, John Atchison, a celebrity hairstylist whose client roster includes Cosby and his wife, Camille.

Cosby's lawyer, Angela Agrusa, focused not on the details of the alleged assault but on other aspects of Constand's narrative, including discrepancies in several police interviews Constand gave in 2005 when she chose to report the crime a year later. Agrusa also said records showed 72 calls between Cosby and Constand in the year between the incident and the call to police. In America, around two-thirds of sexual assaults go unreported.

She said she also feared what Cosby might do. She revealed that they had been in constant touch to discuss about the renovations of several facilities given to the basketball team. He has been accused of sexually assaulting 60 women and in Constand's case, he's charged with three counts of aggravated assault.

Late-Night Calls & 'Romantic' Rendezvous: Andrea Constand Cross-Examined