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Cosby Defense Rests in Bill Cosby Sex Assault Case

13 Juin 2017

Bill Cosby and Andrea Constand. It was read to them by the judge. "Why are we running from the truth of this case - this relationship? Why?" McMonagle asked. "This is why this case got thrown in the trash can". They've been deliberating for two hours, and have had dinner brought in.

"He says he gives her drugs".

Constand said she was "mistaken" when she made those statements to police.

McMonagle was intent on persuading the seven-man, five-woman jury that Constand was a "lover" of the comedian - not a victim. He noted she first told police that she cut off contact with Cosby after the incident but actually called him more than 50 times over two months.

The 12 jurors, who were selected in Pittsburgh even though the trial took place outside Philadelphia in Norristown, Penn., will determine the fate of the 79-year-old star.

Cosby says he gave Constand a cold and allergy medicine to help her relax. On Tuesday last week Constand took the stand to give her testimony, which was followed Wednesday by a cross-examination from Cosby's team. This is the only case to result in criminal charges against the comic. "He knows the effect of what he gave her".

District Attorney Kevin Steele's closing arguments were businesslike and direct.

Some of these women, including Constand, have received cash payouts from Cosby in civil trials, but for numerous allegations the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution had lapsed.

Cosby corroborated Constand's statements when admitted to giving her pills and admitted to a sexual encounter, Steele said.

Cosby himself never took the witness stand in his own defense. She sat in the front row of the courtroom.

Prosecutors will deliver their closing statements next and deliberations could start as soon as this afternoon. Cosby lowered and shook his head in the courtroom as she spoke.

Bill is now on trial for three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, a former basketball coach at Temple University, where Bill is an alumni.

Cosby is charged with sexually assaulting a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home in January 2004.

Cosby's chief accuser denies romance before alleged assault
Cosby's attorneys have said the pills he gave Constand were Benadryl and that their sexual activity was consensual. Constand testified that she was invited to Cosby's Philadelphia mansion and thought nothing of it at the time.

As jurors watched Steele closely, Cosby faced forward away from the prosecutor and the jury.

"'I'm thinking this is a dirty old man with a young girl, '" Steele said, reminding the jury of Cosby's recollection of that phone call. The case and a barrage of similar allegations from some 60 other women have shattered his nice-guy image from "The Cosby Show" as America's Dad. They include right-wing commentators like Rush Limbaugh who say Cosby is being targeted by lying women because he told black people to pull up their trousers; people on Twitter still begging the world to leave Cosby alone; and this guy, who told Vice that what happened to Constand doesn't constitute rape. She left during the prosecution's closing statement.

This item has been updated to delete an incorrect reference to Constand visiting with Cosby after the encounter.

For its case, the defense team briefly recalled a Cheltenham detective as its only witness. After a week of hearing the prosecution's case, including a testimony from Constand's mother, Bill chose not to testify at the hearing on Monday, and the defense rested its case after questioning only one witness.

McMonagle, in his closing argument, tried to sow doubt about Constand's story, saying it had evolved during her interviews with police.

Constand filed a cvil lawsuit that was settled in 2006 after Montgomery County, Pa., prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against Cosby.

Cosby says his attorneys won't call any character witnesses.

The trial had been expected to last longer, but Cosby surprised the court on Monday by refusing to testify in his own defense.

Camille Cosby is the first member of his family to join him in arriving at court. Last week, neither she nor their four daughters appeared.

The defense opens it case Monday.

"One of the greatest storytellers in the world and I'm failing", Cosby said when asked to repeat an answer in the deposition.

Cosby, who did not testify, has denied all of the allegations. In total, it has been reported that the defense witness was on the stand for just six minutes.