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Britain's May to Face Her Party amid Post-Election Tumult

13 Juin 2017

Theresa May battled Monday to hold on as prime minister of Britain by shoring up support from restive lawmakers in her own Conservative Party, which lost its majority in Parliament in the election last week.

A leading Conservative MP who was present at the 1922 committee meeting told the Guardian newspaper later that May was "contrite and genuine but not on her knees" as she apologised to MPs for the election result that cost the Conservatives its majority in the House of Commons.

May is reportedly facing demands for her resignation after the Conservatives unexpectedly lost their majority in parliament in Thursday's snap vote.

But the confusion reinforced a sense of chaos at the heart of government just days before Britain starts the complex and fraught negotiations on leaving the European Union.

It was a surprise move - Mr Gove was sacked as justice minister by Mrs May past year after his bid to become party leader forced now-foreign minister Boris Johnson from the race, amid accusations of treachery and political backstabbing.

As Conservative Party leader Theresa May continues talks with the Democratic Unionist Party in a bid to maintain a Conservative government, industry figures called on the new government to ensure that creative workers are given a voice when Brexit negotiations get underway.

He said there was no appetite among the public for a leadership contest which could plunge the party into a fresh general election.

Fallon said it would not be a formal coalition, instead the DUP's 10 MPs would support the government "on the big things" such as the budget, defense issues and Brexit.

And while at least one Conservative lawmaker left the meeting suggesting that not all was well by shouting "what do you expect, some kind of communal love in?" when asked how the meeting was going, others seemed satisfied that May had bought herself more time at the helm of the party, and country.

One possible effect of Brexit is the "hardening" of the border between UK-controlled Northern Ireland and the state of Ireland.

The DUP have been criticised for controversial policies such as opposition to same-sex marriage, as well as several comments from prominent party members in relation to homosexuality and environmental issues.

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"When will be the point from moving to talking about talks, to more detailed talks, I can not say". She moved Saturday to defuse some of the anger at her leadership style and her habit of relying heavily on a small circle of advisers by parting ways with her two closest aides, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy.

A former Conservative rival condemned May on Sunday as a "dead woman walking" as she raced to secure the support following the disastrous elections.

May's spokesman said it remained government policy to cut net migration to under 100,000 and Davis also said walking away without securing a deal with the remaining 27 European Union states remained a possibility. The BBC reported that the speech would be pushed back a few days.

In March, before calling the election, May triggered the two-year timetable for Britain to leave the EU.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier met senior British Brexit official Oliver Robbins in Brussels to discuss arrangements such as dates and the sequencing of talks once they do actually get started.

May will attend a meeting of the 1922 Committee of Conservative lawmakers on Monday, some of whom have called for her to be ousted.

The 1998 Good Friday agreement set up power sharing in Northern Ireland, largely ending years of sectarian violence.

"It is hard to overstate what a dramatic impact the current political uncertainty is having on business leaders, and the consequences could - if not addressed immediately - be disastrous for the United Kingdom economy", said Stephen Martin, the director-general of the IoD.

Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, will fly to London Tuesday for Downing Street talks with May as she pledged to act in the national interest.

Seeking to set the tone, David Davis, the cabinet member in charge of European Union exit negotiations, says speculation about her removal is "unbelievably self-indulgent".

Britain's May to Face Her Party amid Post-Election Tumult