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12-year-old big sister helps deliver baby brother

13 Juin 2017

It was an extra special delivery for a mother giving birth at a MS hospital last week - the doctor in the delivery room allowed her 12-year-old daughter to "catch" her baby brother! "It was just a good moment for me", she said. The look on her daughter's face during this unforgettable moment is simply priceless. Although the pain from the contractions and the pushing hurt me so bad... watching Jacee's expressions on her face were like no other. "And I said 'What?" The photos have been shared more than 192,000 times.

"Never in a million years, if you would have told me 12 years ago she (Jacee) would be delivering my last born, I would have told you - you're insane!"

Almost one and half years ago, Jacee had asked her mom and stepfather if she could be in the delivery room for the birth of their son, Zadyn.

Jacee just wanted to see her brother's birth, and got a lot more than she asked for. Are you being real?" says mom, "but the doctor said, 'I'm being serious. "The doctor was like, 'Just go ahead and get some gear on and come help me deliver the baby". "If I didn't feel like she wasn't ready to do what she did or be in the room, I wouldn't [have] let her be in the room".

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So the doctor invited Jacee to suit up in scrubs and help him deliver the baby. Dr Wolfe actually put her hands on the inside of his and allowed her to do the entire delivery. Hitting out at the detractors, Smith wrote, "I am so glad jacee is being seen all over the world! Mother and baby are being discharged home and Jacee is ecstatic about the feedback she's getting".

"Jacee was a rockstar and helped deliver a newborn".

She says this was a special moment they will never forget. Here are some of the reactions from people who loved the pictures.

12-year-old big sister helps deliver baby brother