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German Chancellor Angela Merkel urges speedy Brexit talks after United Kingdom vote

12 Juin 2017

The decision of Britain to leave was a shocking and cathartic moment in the 60-year history of the bloc, whose member states want to keep Britain as a close partner once it is out.

It is her first comment since Mrs May's Conservative party lost 13 seats.

"The net effect of these conflicting pressures is likely to be the search for a pragmatic deal with the European Union that can pass the threshold of a significant majority across the whole parliament and not just in the Conservative Party", added Niblett. Mrs May called the snap election in order to secure a clear mandate for her vision of Brexit.

Mrs Merkel, who is meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to discuss trade, told reporters gathered in Mexico City on Friday: "I assume that Britain, from what I heard from the prime minister today, wants to stick to its negotiating plan".

The exit poll had predicted the ruling Conservatives would claim 314 seats in the 650-member parliament and the opposition Labour Party 266, leaving no clear victor when markets had assumed May would easily increase her majority.

She said talks with Britain on its withdrawal from what will now be the 27-member European Union would start "in the coming days".

HARD, SMOOTH BREXITMay, a former supporter of EU membership, filed for divorce in March, meaning Britain would leave the single market and customs union and end EU court oversight, EU budget payments and free migration from the EU to Britain. Bohuslav Sobotka said that too much time had already been wasted.

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"Maybe, this is a chance that we can come up to a more reasonable Brexit negotiations because in the last time (recently) I really had the feeling that everything was just being very tough and it doesn't make sense to be tough. United Kingdom wanted it, but is still not ready to negotiate".

Other EU leaders have expressed concerns the failure to win a majority may make negotiations even more hard.

"We could be heading for a period of market uncertainty, which will be compounded by the elephant in the room this time around - the forthcoming Brexit negotiations", said Michael Judge, head of corporate dealing at broker OFX.

If this were the case, a round of talks that would last for four weeks would start, with the European Commission positioning nearly all the first week under the ungraceful "talks about talks" title.

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker also said he hoped there would be no further delay to the negotiations "we are desperately waiting for".

"To be acceptable domestically, this deal must minimize the economic risks inherent in Brexit and not put parliament in a position where it is forced to test Theresa May's proposition that "no deal is better than a bad deal".